Collagen Supplement Benefits


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Collagen is known mainly as the ingredient accountable for giving skin its youthful elasticity. This compound is necessary, and also completely responsible for the health and steady working function of our joints. So, more generally, collagen is the protein that helps us hold on to our youth.

Unfortunately, collagen depletes at a steadfast rate as we age, sending us scrambling to find ways to absorb more. Supplements are one way to achieve this. Collagens’ anti-aging properties have scientists coming up with miracle solutions, be it in cream or vitamin supplements, to keep us looking and feeling younger, longer. But, how much benefit do these supplements actually provide?

The benefits of taking a good collagen supplement can prove to be quite immense. As we age, collagen in the skin cells is lost, and this is what results in the much offending and undesirable skin sagging and wrinkles. A supplement can aid our bodies and cells to hold themselves “together”, to keep the desirable smooth and tight appearance associated with youthfulness. Other than to help the skin, a regular collagen supplement can be taken to improve the overall appearance of your hair and nails by making these stronger and less prone to breakage. Collagen has been found to make your hair shinier and thicker for a healthier, more lustrous appearance.

A good collagen supplement can also prove very valuable as a measure to combat muscle aches and pains associated with aging. People with arthritis and other bone-related ailments have reported feeling alleviated of their previous symptoms while taking the supplements. It has also been reported to increase the functionality of the affected joints.

Furthermore, in studies conducted on the effects of collagen, it has been found that treating an animal with osteoporosis with the administration of said supplements resulted in the increased mineral density of the skeletal tissues. These results clearly indicate that collagen is useful as a dietary supplement to combat the very common degenerative bone disease, as well as assist in its prevention. That is great news!

Another way collagen supplements serve your body is by helping strengthen your blood vessels. This is key for good circulation. Also, collagen helps by increasing your limberness and producing better results from regular work outs, without so much next day stiffness and pain in the exercised areas. Studies have continually shown these supplements aid in endurance and functionality of muscles.

In one such study performed on adult athletes, 79% of the subjects were reported as feeling significant improvement in joint mobility and flexibility. In particular this was in the knees and hips when performing actions such as climbing or running.

Collagen supplements are key in the fight against the detrimental process of aging. Why? Because they provide us with the most vital protein for the health of all the connective tissues in the body. Collagen is almost single handedly responsible for keeping these parts, be it tendons, muscles, joints, skin, and even bones, in tip top shape. It can honestly be said that youth is measured by the collagen content in the human body.


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