Color Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes


Authored by Kate Beswick in Shoes and Accessories 
Published on 11-13-2009

Color contact lenses can be a great way to get a unique look that really speaks to your personality. For people with lighter eyes, the world of color contact lenses is wide open. But those with darker eyes are somewhat hesitant to try to change their eye color. This is because they think their eyes are too dark to be covered by colored contact lenses. But in fact that’s not true. There are many choices of colored contacts for those even with dark eyes. While some things may need to be done to get a completely different color other than a dark brown or other dark color, those with these colors of eyes are just as able to get a different look than their fair-eyed counterparts!

Before you get color contacts for your dark eyes, you first need to understand the difference in color contact lenses. There are three different types: visibility tints, enhanced tints, and color tints. Visibility tints are contacts that are like regular contacts but have a slight tint to them. These tints will not change eye color no matter what that eye color is. Rather, they’re simply a way to allow people to see while they’re inserting their contacts or taking them out.

Enhanced tints will change the eye color but usually only if the original eye color is a light color such as blue or green. Enhancement tints are a solid color but they are also translucent so that the person wearing them can see through them. As you could probably guess from the name of them, enhancement tints are color contacts that enhance or complement the natural color of the eyes. Because of this, these color contacts are also best for people with a light natural eye color, such as blue or green.

Colored tints are really the only thing that will completely change the eye color of darker eyes. They are solid and opaque with just a tiny space left open for the pupil, so the wearer can still see while wearing them! These colored tints are very deep and they are also made of solid colors. You really will only be limited to the color that you want as color tints are available in just about any color you could imagine. These include hazel, green, blue, amethyst, violet, and amethyst. There are also different prints and patterns available so if you want a truly creative look, this could be a great option! There are also costume color contact lenses which can give you a fun and playful look. These lenses are used often in the movies and become more popular in the retail market at times such as Halloween, when people want to dress up like their favorite vampire!

Because colored tints cover the entire iris with a small opening for a pupil, there can be some problems that arise. The first is that at times, the lens may slip over the pupil of the eye. This can cause some vision problems as you won’t be able to see out of your entire eye. Also, because the pupil of the eye adjusts larger or smaller depending on how much light is being filtered in, the pupil may sometimes become too large to fit in the small hole provided by the contact lens. In these instances, it may also become difficult to see. But it’s still important to never, ever share your contacts with anyone else. This could lead to passing bacteria back and forth and because the eye is such a delicate area, this could lead to big problems.


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