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Colored Staples by Swingline


Color Bright Colored Staples by Swingline

A few weeks ago, one of my loyal readers, @DIYSara asked me if I had ever tried any of the colored staples out there and unfortunately I had to tell her no.  I didn’t like not having an answer for her so I went on over to Google to start searching to see what I could find in terms of colored staples.  My results landed me on Amazon.com where I found these Swingline Color Bright Colored Staples.  I never thought I would find myself doing a review of staples but here we are, and I have to say I am glad I checked these out.


Blue, Green, and Red Staples by Swingline

As you can see, these colored staples come in a pack of 6,000 and are evenly split so that you get 2,000 of each color: blue, green, and red.  Upon opening up the package, I was pleasantly surprised by how bright and vibrant each of the colors were. On the other hand I was a bit worried to see that on the edges of some of the staples there was already some chipping of what I now realized was just paint on them.


Residue from the Color Bright Colored Staples by Swingline

I quickly loaded a sleeve of the blue colored staples into what I recently discovered to be the best stapler ever, my  PaperPro, to see what would happen if I just started clicking away straight through an entire sleeve.  I ended up being slightly disappointed when I saw that the plate and the head of the stapler both had blue residue on them from the colored staples.  Ever the optimist I convinced myself that this was probably just some extra paint that was somehow between the small crevices where each of the colored staples met one another, and not from the surface of the staples themselves.


Color Bright Colored Staples from the Front

Hoping to see better results when I used the colored staples as they were intended to be used, I folded up a sheet of paper and got started stapling a few of the colored staples into the paper.  I tried out each of the colors, and was equally disappointed to see that slivers of the paint came off on each one, leaving the natural silver color of the staples behind.  I assume there must be a way to accomplish a truly colored staple that isn’t just painted on, however I guess maybe it would just be beyond a reasonable price point that people would expect to pay for such a commodity.  Anyway, I’m glad I tried these out because I hope my experience and the photos here will keep any of you from wasting your hard-earned money on these.  Not that I would recommend these but if you are in the market for them at least they look nice and bright before you use them.  You can find the Swingline Color Bright Colored Staples on Amazon if you are truly in need of some colored staples and some inevitable residue flakes to go along with them.

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