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Colour quotients to increase visual appeal of a site

  • By David Burner
  • Published 01/20/2012

Colour plays a vital role in Web designing. If you want to draw reader’s attention in the first sight and make serious business, you have to put a lot of effort into this. One should know how to create a clean, easy to read web pages with real presence. Your objective to retain a new visitor for long time depends on what winning combinations you have used in your site. If everything that you do for your site goes fine you are successful.

Here in this article we will discuss about choosing colour combination for your site that makes business.

Using black and white:

This combination works best for web pages where many colourful pictures have been used. Almost every top site whether news sites, search engines, e-commerce site or auction house using black and white works wonder. However when you need to add colour to your website to create visual appeal, you need to follow some golden rules of colour.

Using lightly shaded backgrounds: A fain wash of colour in the background can perk up a site’s look. For elegance and sophistication, a gentle tan or gold is good. Light pink and yellow fit shopping related site. Whatsoever colours you apply, make sure it is transparent enough. Texts on it must show clearly. Black text on a dark background is never acceptable. It is a sure way to lose your audience.

Using colour inside a box: It is quite common among web designers that they use shaded boxes to highlight certain areas of a web page. A light-shaded background inside a box can draw visitor’s attention well. On the contrary, light text on dark background is not easy to read.

Using monochrome colour: If you want to use black and white as base colour of a site there is much you can do. Adding a new dark colour can prove as important design element. These are used in article subheadings to bring the distinctness. Such monochromatic websites use same colour for links and texts in their trademark and brand signature. Such websites look crisp and clean, as there is no riot of confusing colours.

Using text colour: White text on black or blue background may look striking but they are hardly readable. It is better to avoid such format unless you want your website to look alternative, and gloomy. White background, few selected graphics with splashy colour can add dramatic effect to your site. White text on black is good only when you use it in header section.

Following are the simple guideline one can follow while designing a website. Good design denotes a business service and its value on web. So make sure you do it with the help of good Web Design Jersey companies.

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