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Colourful silky city bag & convenient silky pop bag of hermes

Hermes is a world famous name brand which is one of the world’s top eleven handbags. And it take the “pursue truth and return to nature” as its design style. And for people who has Hermes it is a symbol of identity and status. And also it testifies that you are in timeless fashion. Hermes products are mostly hand crafted in high quality, rich content and exquisite works of art. And Hermes takes High-end, high-quality principles and unique French style as its brand image; besides integrate of fashionable elements which makes Hermes full of charming. And here I want to share the enjoyments of its Silky City and Silky Pop bags. Firstly let’s come to the former one. Silky City Bag This pattern has different colours and each of them is so beautiful that you want to have. And they have two different sizes (MM & PM). It is in brides de Gala pattern with silk shell and gold plated hardware on it. And there are fauve lining inside. And its strap is made of leather which has 15 holes on it and it is also can be adjusted according to your height. Silky Pop Bag The Silky Pop bag is the most convenient one. When you fold it, it just likes a wallet which is easily to carry. And when you unfold it, it is a handbag which you can take it for shopping in supermarket, which can encircle all your goods. It is a red silk Hermes en Voyage with leather case, which has silk lining inside. And its zipper is silver plated.



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