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Common Mistakes and Tips in Writing Media Press Releases

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/13/2010
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Most business companies fail to attract the media to their press releases. This is generally due to the wrong construction of these social media press releases. In creating the social media press releases, most companies solely focus on the conduction of their business, presentation of their products, and enhancement of their company profile. However, the media do not want to repeatedly read about business and company. The media want your company to focus on what you can give to the community. So if you want to have a free advertisement from the media, it is about time that you stop promoting and advertising your own company through press releases. Basically, the reasons for the failure of these business companies in producing effective media press releases are summarized into three: – Wrong focus. A press release is supposed to be made to benefit the readers. What benefit can producing a particular press release give to a reader? If you answer this question correctly, then you might be able to come up with a good story angle which can catch the attention of the media. – Marketing hype. A media press release is supposed to be free of any sales pitch. However, there are still press releases which blatantly promote and advertise their products or services. Oftentimes, you can see a press release which only talks about releasing their new products. This is definitely not what the media want.

– General audience. Most press releases do not have a particular aud

ience. This makes the content of their press release too broad and general. Press releases are not for everybody, so do not think that by making them generally would let you have larger scope of audience, and would make them effective. These are the common mistakes of press release writers. And because of these mistakes, the media press releases are quite ineffective. Now that you already know the mistakes of the press releases, let us now focus on creating effective press releases. Put in mind that an effective press release garners the attention of the media. You do not have to advertise for your own company because the media is already there to do the job for you. There are key strategies on how to write press releases for the media. These strategies can assure you to win the media with your press releases. 1. Create a strong headline which targets concerned readers. In creating media press releases, your target is definitely the media. Choose a story angle which presents your company’s views on your selected topics or news story which is relevant to the media. 2. Start your paragraph with information as possible. This greatly helps with capturing the attention of your reader. If you do this, you can make a reader finish the rest of your press release.

3. Keep your media press release brief but complete. Every word in a press release must serve its purpose. It must not be there merely to lengthen your press release or to make you look intellectual. You must present the news story in full detail without wasting any word. In other words, make it direct to the point.



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