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Common Plastic Surgeries For Aging (And Why You Should Avoid Them)

Even if you have decided you are going to try aging gracefully, no one actually wants to look like they’re aging. Because of this, more and more people opt to go under the knife or needle as they head into — or out of — middle-age. If we only consider the face-related plastic surgery options, there are still several types of “freshening up” one can do, and with a great surgeon, no one will be the wiser about the procedures you’ve had done. But not all surgery stories end with such great news. Some procedures require frequent touch-ups, and others can have life-threatening consequences if not done properly. Here are a few of the most common procedures for wrinkle reduction, and why you should avoid nipping and tucking whenever possible.

Forehead Lift

A forehead lift tightens the skin and muscles of the forehead to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This is often accompanied by a slight lift to the eyebrows, which is supposed to make you look younger. The Bad News: You might be stuck with a surprised expression. Occasionally, lifting the brows will compromise your ability to move them properly, which can make varying facial expressions difficult. It also may be harder to move your forehead when making expressions, and fixing these problems requires a follow-up surgery. If you’re concerned about droopy eyes, look for a good eye wrinkle cream that will encourage firm skin around the eyes for a more natural lift.

Botox Injections

Botox is a toxin injection that fills fine lines, most often around the eyes and in the forehead. The injection temporarily paralyzes the muscle it is administered to, so it becomes harder to move. The Bad News: Botox is, at best, a temporary solution. To maintain the smoother skin, you’ll have to continue getting injections every three or four months, and if you require multiple injections per visit, the costs can add up quickly. In addition, your face may have a frozen appearance, as facial expressions may be difficult. If you’re concerned about fine lines, utilize an anti aging moisturizer that will plump up lines and make them less noticeable.


A face lift tightens the skin all over the face by removing fatty tissue and lifting the skin toward the scalp. It smoothes away wrinkles and reduces saggy areas, including under the chin. The Bad News: This cosmetic surgery has a steep price tag, but similarly to botox, the results aren’t permanent. The skin can continue to sag and wrinkle even after the lift. In addition, nerve damage and death are a risk. If you’re concerned about looking “old,” find a natural skin care line with anti wrinkle products to minimize and even remove wrinkles.

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