Compact Digital Camera Reviews

Authored by Gary Eugene in Gadgets, Photography
Published on 12-16-2008

Digital cameras nowadays have become a lot more streamlined, and often come in a compact size. Compared to the film-based cameras of earlier times, it is quite usual to observe that compact digital cameras are completely different from the earlier bulky and clunky cameras which we used to have. As a matter of fact, there are compact digital cameras available today which are so small it can be conveniently attached to a keychain. This usually leads a person to wonder if such small compact digital cameras can provide outstanding quality pictures.

The surest way to figure out the mechanics of a specific digital camera would be by having direct experience in using one. Although, this may not seem to be such a practical idea since one would want to be absolutely sure about the practicability of the different options before spending their money on one. Reading and analyzing a few reviews on compact digital cameras is the safest way to discover or determine which compact digital camera would be the best.

Reading the various reviews on compact models of digital cameras, you most certainly will read about the Canon PowerShot A720; it is one camera which has been given enthusiastic and raving reviews and is considered to be one of the best compact digital cameras in the market today. A lot of reviews on compact cameras award this specific model an impressive rating and the predominant reason for this is the number of features that come with this model, most especially its 6x optical zoom and its 4x digital zoom.

A digital camera which is also usually discussed in most reviews is the five-star rated HP Photosmart R847V. There are also very notable features in this specific type of compact digital camera, one of which is the eight megapixel picture quality which provides an excellent camera resolution. This model also boasts of an anti-shake capability, which aims to ensure that you will never get to take a blurry picture.

Another camera is the Xias DCS760, which you will also find mentioned in almost all reviews on compact digital cameras. This model, made by Norcent, has also been given ratings with high marks and rightfully deserves to be pointed out as among one of the best in digital cameras offered on the market. Its main selling point is its sleek and elegant design. You can find out more information on these cameras through their specific compact digital camera reviews on the Internet.


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