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Comparison between different birth control and the natural birth control methods

Birth control has become an effective way in controlling overall population of a country but in fact there are several methods are introduced till now to control the birth rate. It’s very difficult to decide for a common woman to decide the appropriate birth control methods as there are many drawbacks in it. In some cases the birth control pills are effective while on the other hand the natural childbirth control is another effective technique to control such happenings.  For example some women consider the birth control pills are not much effective and some says there are lots of complexities in using the medicines for the control of birth. Mean while the natural childbirth control procedure is perfect for those ladies who consider the drugs and pills are not suitable for them.

Many ladies are comfortable with the natural birth control that’s why this natural procedure attains much attention to the peoples. You should also think about the factors which you may face in the natural procedure prior to go for this kind of birth control procedures. Means, there are a lot of factors which should be considered by you in natural birth control. Firstly, this procedure requires a lot of attention and you should avoid it if you are a busy man and you have not much time for it. There may be the risk in these types of methods therefore you should prepare yourself according to the situation. Once you consult your doctor for the birth control method to prevent the birth then it will more easily for you to decide the most appropriate method for you as she may ask you about you history regarding to the pregnancy matters.

To control the pregnancy, one of the natural methods is rhythm method. The cycle of your period is required for last 125 months. After that, determine the first week of your fertility and also exclude 18days from your shortest cycle of period. Then, subtract 11 days from your longest period cycle.  This figure can tell you the exact ovulation time by comparing these two periods. This method is considered to produce 80% effective result. To avoid the pregnancy, the pills and drug are very common. Some people assume that pills are suitable to avoid the pregnancy while the other assumption is that pills reduce the level of testosterone in the women body and ultimately the reduction in acne in many women. There are some FDA approved pills names for birth control like YAZ, estrostep, ortho tri-cycling. For further assistance in birth control you can visit to the birth center.

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