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Conceptum Notebook Review


Conceptum Notebook Cover and Label

The Conecptum Notebook (via Amazon) is a notebook that I wasn’t even aware of until about 30 seconds before I purchased it.  It was one of those Amazon suggested items based on my previous purchase history of dozens of other notebooks.

Conceptum Notebook Cover

The cover of the Conceptum notebook is made of a rubbery material that has a great feeling ridged texture to it.  It feel very durable, and will hold up well to any spills or other messes as you can wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean it off.  The only downside is that it does seem to attract some lint and other materiel pretty easily as you can see in the picture above.

Conceptum Notebook Pen Loop and Elastic Closure

Just like many other notebooks like this, the Conceptum notebook has a helpful elastic closure strap as well as a pen loop to hold your favorite pen securely next to your notebook.

Conceptum Notebook Table of Contents

The great thing about the Conceptum notebook is that it is full of additional nice little features like the table of contents page in the front.

Conceptum Notebook Numbered Pages

More features include the numbered pages…on the rounded page corners.

Conceptum Notebook Quick Pocket

A “quick pocket” on the front cover that lets you easily slip something into it, which is a little different than the back pocket…

Conceptum Notebook Back Pocket and Card Slot

The pocket inside of the back cover is a little different than your standard back pocket cover.  Besides just being able to slip some documents into the pocket section, there is also a slit on the surface of the pocket that allows you to quickly slip a business card or other small item into it.


Conceptum Notebook Lay Flat Binding

An always helpful and nice feature of me is when the notebook actually lays flat without too much effort.  Its always nice to not have to worry about losing the page you were on if you aren’t holding the notebook open.


Conceptum Notebook Writing Sample

Before I get to the writing experience, the last two features that I wanted to point out are that the notebook has not one, but two satin ribbon page markers, and there are also twenty perforated pages that can be easily removed.  So the overall writing experience in the Conceptum notebook was pretty awesome.  Using my Pelikan M805 with a medium nib and filled with Pelikan’s Edelstein Topaz Ink I’ve really been enjoying the smooth and soft way the nib interacts with the paper.  I say soft because this notebook really made me notice a difference with how the nib hits the paper and slides across it with a slight cushioned feeling in addition to the glass-like smoothness of the paper.  There were a few very small hints of feathering, which is the first time I’ve experienced that with this ink so I was a little surprised, but it was very minor.  There really isn’t anything about this notebook that would keep me from making it a regular part of my notebook rotation.  Check out the Conceptum notebook (via Amazon) and give it some strong consideration if you are looking for a new Moleskine alternative and a notebook with a ton of nice features.

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