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Concord watches’ luxury and popularity

  • By Aaron L. Mapp
  • Published 12/9/2010
  • Non-Fiction

As  one of famous watch manufacturers, Concord started providing its  watches from 1908. So far, its product sustains the great reputation in  the harmonious design of shape and function.   As  matter of fact, Concord would be named after this style of harmony.  Early from 1915, Concord began to manufacture senior watches for famous  brands such as Tiffany& Co. and Cartier. Because the watches were so  luxurious with golden case, embedded gems, rubies and diamonds, the  superb watches from Concord became famous from then on.   Concord watch: Wonderful Collections   In  the ideal of Concord, the wonderful watches would focus on both design  and function. Therefore, its innovative effort helps Concord wrist watch  transform into the elegant item for collectors.   We  may easily remember the masterpiece created in 1979, the Concord  Delirium. Such thinnest watch in the world which got the attention all  around the world was with the thickness less than 2mm. In 1981, another  Delirium watch with 0.98mm came to the market. No wonder so many people  would be shocked for its powerful watch manufacturing technology.   Elegant and popular designs: C1 watch series   Even  today, Concord keeps on creating wonderful watches with harmony designs  and classical styles. In 2008, Concord released its first world  schedule watch of C1 series. As the leader of new wrist watch, C1  Tourbillon Gravity watch brought Concord wrist watch family to a new  design era reflecting new generation and mysterious futurism. Such  high-precision watch series also symbolize a renewal milestone for  Concord to step on elaborate technology and core position in mechanical  watch making.   If  you have worn the C1 watch before, you may agree that beautiful sense  have become the important element for Concord watches. Both technology  and time has become the target of watch research and development. C1  Tourbillon Gravity indicates the new designing thought with obvious  Concord feature of solid, originality and balance art.   If  you are interested in Concord C1 series, here we offer you different  designs for your choice. Such watches include: C1 Night Race designed  for F1 Singapore 2009, Black Toronto limited edition and jewelry dial  edition with 18k rose gold. All designs apply the same movement design  to provide powerful functions.



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