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Congratulations, Now Let's Do it Again

A few weeks ago we shared (and asked you to vote on) the iPad Clipboard from inventor Jared Joyce with you.  With your help the clipboard got the necessary votes to advance to the next round of product development at Quirky.  For those of you that voted for it, that means you are one step closer to possible earnings for each clipboard eventually sold.  So good job to everyone that participated, now lets see if we can do it again.  Today we have the TITAN Water Bottle for you to take a look at and vote on if you like it.

Many of us have our go-to water bottle for our desk at work, and you are probably wondering what’s so great about the TITAN Water Bottle?  Well for starters, the lip that you see on the front with its curved top and front are specifically shaped to fit your lips perfectly.  Small detail, but I know I’ve had my fair share of perfectly circular and very narrow water bottle mouths that never seemed to “fit” right, so this small detail is very welcome to me.  The back of the opening is also designed to allow enough air flow to make the liquid flow smoothly and quickly so it is chuggable.  Lastly, the carabiner clip on the top serves two purposes.  If you press it half way down, it can be clipped to a belt, bag, backpack or whatever while leaving the mouth of the bottle closed.  When you depress the carabiner clip all the way, it opens the mouth of the bottle for you to drink from.

One last feature that I think is key with this water bottle is that it can be operated with just one hand as the diagram above depicts.  I have a different water bottle at my desk at work that can be opened with one hand in a similar way and it makes life much easier.  With a hand always on a phone, mouse, or pen, its nice to be able to grab my water and drink it in a fluid (yup, thats a funny right there) motion with my other free hand.

Like all of the other Quirky.com products we have shared with you, there is an opportunity for you to earn a small % of each sale should you vote for this product and have it make it to the final stage of product development.  Here is the TITAN Water Bottle  for you to check out for yourself, and vote on if you like the concept.  At the time of publishing this, they need 140 more votes to move this to the next phase.  Let’s see if we can help move a second product along in the voting if you like what you see!

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