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Connect With Your Website Visitors To Increase Profits

  • By Kevin Sinclair
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Have you started an online business? Or have you build a website and want to attract customers to it? Do you want to get your customers energized about buying your product or service? Well, there is nothing wrong with all the above questions! In fact, these are the most common goals among all the people who want to make a dime online. Bottom line Very few people are able to materialize their dreams by making appropriate use of the resources and the system at hand. Neither is the system wrong nor are the dreams that are based upon the system. It is actually a misunderstanding or misjudgment and some faults on the part of the people who are unable to utilize the available resources optimally. What to do next? Actually, what we do is we sell our products and services to our valued online customers. But that is not supposed to be because of the simple reason that the online customers neither know you nor your product and they are not really looking for either. They look for someone who knows something about the product or service they want. Thus, the key is to pre-sell your product and service to them. What is Pre-Selling? Pre-selling is nothing but the skill of leading the website customers with whom you build a very comfortable relationship through the medium of your words and the website content. In other words, you establish yourself as the credible expert. Subsequently, you encourage him/her to buy your service or product on some merchant site or your own website. How to build the Comfortable relationship? This is where the tricky part comes in. Many websites place text ads, banners, and other similar items all over their websites and sit back in hope for sale. But that is NOT the ideal approach for this. You are actually supposed to develop your site in terms of user-friendliness, navigation and quality content which, in turn, have the power to transform the visitor into a customer.

You might have to write brief and catchy reviews about your products and services which you want to sell. The idea of bombarding the custom

er with ads and texts will not yield the desired results; it might actually frustrate them and might even tempt them to leave your site. The visitors should actually be enticed by presenting some quality articles that outline the benefits of using your site and its products or services. Your customer doesn’t want to know what you offer. They want to know how they can benefit from you. That is all you have to do: to tell them how can they benefit if they invest in your company. This is the power of valuable and quality content. How should the content be? Your content should not necessarily be like an advertisement of your product. Instead it should have indicated your command over the topic and it should flow well; at the same time, it should very subtly yet strongly promote your product or service such that by the end of it, the visitor or the reader is convinced that he/she needs your product or service and has to invest in it. End result: The reader or the visitor is not turned forcibly into your valued customer. You did not push him/her to buy but they bought it willingly, which implies that they might have a better chance of sticking around. How to generate free traffic from your content? Are you aware of the fact that quality content is always ranked high in search engines? So if your site has good and valuable content, it will be ranked high in the search engines and hence will generate free yet targeted visitors to your site. This is because of the reason that if you have strong and convincing content it helps to make your company reliable and truthful. And hence, a visitor who comes to your site will be compelled to come again because of the good valuable content and thus it will help you to drive in more traffic. The traffic which will be generated will be your target audience because after reading the content those who will be interested in your products and service will be visiting again. This will even help you to climb up the ladder of ranks in search engines. But make sure you always have fresh and valuable content.

Valuable content is the driver of your online marketing car. And as a car cannot run properly without an efficient driver, your online marketing also can’t run without efficient content.



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