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Contact a Local Lawyer If Charged in DUI Case While Travelling

Las Vegas is a tourist’s paradise. Each day numerous people from all over the world visit Las Vegas. However, they are not all aware of its traffic rules and regulations. Their experience of a fantastic day out can be totally destroyed if Las Vegas police issue a DUI case against them.

Driving under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in Las Vegas. Police officer can stop a car and ask the driver to provide DUI tests. It is not that the officer can stop a car when the driver violates traffic rules. There can be no reason behind a police officer stopping a car on highway. The law officer can ask for breathe test or samples of blood and urine. Situation can be worst if you resist police officer to perform his duty.

Loss of driving license

If in the breathe analyzer test it is found that content of alcohol in blood is more than .08 percent your driving license will be suspended for 90 days. Within 10days of the incident you can request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to save your license.  Blood test results require sometimes. You must check frequently with DMV regarding your case. You can consult with a lawyer also. You will not be familiar with Las Vegas laws, so it will be best to take local lawyer’s help.

Complexities involved in a DUI case

It is extremely crucial that you understand the complexities involved with a drunk driving case. Penalties for DUI cases can be imprisonment, heavy fines, community service, suspension of license and probation. Penalties will be even harsh if you have past criminal records or other DUI cases. Moreover, a charge of DUI ruins social and personal life of an individual. Apart from defamation, he or she will have tough time to get job or pursue further education.  One of the experienced criminal lawyers in Las Vegas can help to either dismiss the case or settle matters with minimum penalties.

It is important to contact the lawyer immediately after you are charged with a DUI case. The skilled lawyer will study the case in details and will tell you what can be the consequences. Your lawyer will recover your license from suspension and will defend you in court. Since it is a foreign land you will not be aware of its traffic laws. Your lawyer may plea for your release on this ground.

About the Author- Rob Baptist is a  lawyer and has successfully completed many complex DUI cases. In his online blogs, Rob stresses that if an individual end up with DUI charge while spending holiday in Las Vegas, he or she should contact local criminal lawyers in Las Vegas.


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