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Contemporary Hotel Design

  • By Chris Donohue
  • Published 10/17/2011
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Hotel design is an essential part which involves the creation of an environment in which guests can be warm welcomed and provided with facilities for rest, relaxation as well as respite from their travel or workday cares in return for payment to their host. Design should be attractive, fabulous or eye catching so that peoples could be attracted. Design of a hotel involves not only interior design but their exterior (outer) design should also be attractive. There has been dramatic change from the last decade in modern design. Hotels have to be maintained their design due to stiff competitions they face from their competitors. As it has been mentioned in the above that interior as well as exterior design (both) are important. So, hotel owners use to try to focus on the interior room design as well as exterior renovations of the hotel to maintain their high standard. They are modernizing the facilities in the hotel to formulate an atmosphere of luxury with a touch of grandeur that will ensure their guests feel comfortable and cozy while aiming to entice new visitors. Commercial professional designers are needed to design the hotel in contemporary and competitive way. These designers are expert in design the hotel according to its locations.

There are various design factors that are considerable like restaurant, lobby, guest rooms as well as business center. Many new lobby designs are cheerful along with a great deal of natural woods, foliage, natural humiliation and neutral colors. This layout makes the visitor like they are entering in the living

room rather than lobby. This will assist the hotel or restaurant staff to have eye contact with the travelers and help them where required. Lobby is one of the most imperative parts located in center of the hotel as all of the major elements flow from this central place. Lobby should be fabulously designed in the hotel so that guests can feel it luxuries just after entering here.Furniture that are using in the hotel should also be well designed and decorated, which appeals to visitors on business or pleasure. Rooms’ window should be large so that natural light could come into the room. Lighting features should be superb which give pleasant feelings to guests. One of the other important things which are considered is bathroom. Bathroom flooring should have natural tiles that could be easily replaced in case of break-up or cracks. Cleanness and maintenance of furniture, interior design as well as exterior design are also important to please your guest. You should consider these factors if you want to run your hotel businesses successfully.                            

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