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Content Providers What to Look For

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 08/3/2009
  • Article Writing

When you’re building a website, looking for good web content providers is a must, unless you can write your website content yourself. Good web content providers should be able to meet your demands when it comes to keyword usage, content relevance, sentence structuring and more. Below are the basic guidelines when it comes to spotting good web content. Samples When you’re looking for good content providers, you should be entitled to at least two paid or unpaid samples of their works. Ask for two 500-word-articles on the topics of your choice, ideally about your own niche market. Include the keyword specifications on these sample articles then pay for them if you’re happy. Take note that once you pay for these you should be entitled to the copyright. However, if you’re unhappy with them and they remain unpaid, the copyright of these articles also remain with the content providers. Relevance While you’re reading the content provider’s samples, you should gauge the content’s relevance. To do this, you need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, and pretend that you know nothing about the subject matter. Is the article informative enough, or is it mostly fluff? Good web content writers fill their paragraphs with clear and useful information. Watch out for web content writers who try to fill up the word count requirements with useless information.

The keyword here is “relevant” and relevant content doesn’t ramble on about things which ha

ve nothing to do with your website’s subject matter. If you’re maintaining a website about plane banners, for example, make sure that the web content writer doesn’t try to “cheat” on you by inserting entire paragraphs there about shopping, unless s/he is able to establish an undeniable connection between the two topics. Well organized Experience writers understand how hard it is to read big chunks of disorganized information on the screen. Excellent web content, aside from including essential keywords, are also well organized. When looking for good web content, make sure that it more or less follows the inverted pyramid format. This simply means that the most important things are all put at the beginning of the articles. The rest of the articles simply expound on the topic at hand. Ideally, each paragraph of the article should contain one idea. This makes it easier for the reader to scan for the information that they need. Not many people have time enough to read through the entire article word-per-word. Good web content writers also know how to manipulate subtitles and lists within the article. Well written

It goes without saying that good writers are meticulous about their articles. You wouldn’t want to hire a writer who still needs editing badly. Your hired copywriter should take the trouble of proof reading his/her articles. There should be no room for grammatical errors or typos. People are generally turned off by articles with a lot of errors. It’s hard enough to read huge chunks of text on the screen, and a grammatically erroneous one is just plain torture.



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