Competition gives incentives for self-improvement. When it’s won, it allows one a great sense of fulfillment as well. In order to encourage healthy competition among all qualified writers out there, we host a writing contest here at EduBook.com.

The purpose of our writing contest is not only to encourage competition among writers, but also to let all the talents out there get to know and network with each other through our contest. So although most of you will enter the contest to win the prize, participation itself can be fun and enjoyable experience. Who know? It may also help you overcome writer’s block!


Contest winners will receive cash prizes (payable by PayPal only):

  • Grand Prize Winner: $500
  • Runner Up: $300
  • Second Runner Up: $200

Important Dates

  • October 9, 2009 (23:59PM EST) – Submission DeadlineDeadline Passsed
  • October 11, 2009 – Contest Winner Announcement


  1. As a contestant, you are allowed to submit one original and unpublished article. Qualifying articles need to be submitted to EduBook.com via your EduBook account by the submission deadline. If you do not have an EduBook account, you can create one here. Once the article is submitted, you need to email (1) title of the submitted article title, and (2) your EduBook username to contest@edubook.com to register the entrance of the contest.
  2. Submitted articles will be reviewed by our editors and will be either approved for publication at EduBook, or rejected. Winning entries will be decided among those which were approved for publication.
  3. Reasons for rejection include, but are not limited to: (1) duplicate content published elsewhere, (2) lack of information or misinformation, (3) poor quality of presentation, (4) grammar errors or typos. A contestant with a rejected submission cannot resubmit any other articles to EduBook contest for reconsideration. So please use your single submission chance carefully.
  4. As a contestant, you come up with your own topic to write about. A topic should be something informational and read-worthy for the general public. For example, interesting places to visit, how-to guide, health tips, gadget reviews, etc. Many example articles can be found at EduBook.com.
  5. Word count of a qualifying article is between 500 words and 1,000 words.
  6. When submitting an article, you should adhere to EduBook’s writing & formatting guidelines. If you do not make a good faith effort to follow these guidelines, you will risk being disqualified from the contest.
  7. You are not allowed to register multiple EduBook accounts to submit multiple entries to increase your chance of winning the contest. Doing so will result in all submitted entries disqualified.

Copyright Transfer

Once article is approved and published at EduBook.com, each contestant agrees to transfer his or her “All Rights” to the article, to EduBook.com. Contestant does retain the right to state that he or she authored the article in the byline, but lose all other rights to the article, including the right to publish, market, or distribute the articles elsewhere in any format.

Winner Evaluation Criteria

Submitted contest entries will be reviewed by our editors to decide the winners. Before we start the review process, all submitted articles will be published live at EduBook.com. We will review those published articles, using criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Quality of information
  • Grammars
  • Overall presentation
  • Reader reaction


EduBook will have the right in their sole discretion to refuse any contest entry for any reason. Any taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners.

Final Contest Result

List of All Contest Submissions


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