Controlling Panic Disorder at Work

Panic disorder affects many people in the world every single day and those that have it regularly suffer from what is called panic disorder. This affliction can be devastating to those that suffer from it, and it can cause severe problems in their daily lives. The worst part is the effect it can have on their finances, and their work history. People with panic disorder often have problems at work due to the fact that the panic causes missed time, or a poor attendance record.

When a person with panic disorder gets a panic attack, it can be horrific. They start to feel a horrible sense of impending doom, as well as clammy hands, and shortness of breath. The first reaction for many people is to flee from the situation they are in. If this is the workplace, that can turn into a problem. Not only that, but the panic can also cause them to avoid work in the future due to the mental connection that this is where they had the panic attack in the first place.

Dealing with this problem is not only vital to the individual’s economic well being, but it is also important to their life as a whole. Panic attacks and panic disorder can cause an individual to avoid everything in life, and they can even become completely reclusive. This is an extreme form of panic disorder, but it does happen.

When a person has a panic attack at work, it is very important that you have a support system to draw on. First, make sure that you have a trusted family member or friend you can call on when these attacks occur. If you have someone at the workplace, then make sure that they are familiar with the problems. Having someone there you can call will help tremendously in your fighting of the affliction.

The panic attack itself is usually short lived in nature, and getting through the worst of it is the key to dealing with it. While at work, take some time to get to a quiet place such as the bathroom, or even an empty storeroom to collect your thoughts. Focus on the nature of the panic attack. Remind yourself that it will pass, and think of the most peaceful place you know of. Try to go to that place in your mind.

If nothing else works, find a paper bag. The hyperventilation is the worst part of a panic attack usually, and breathing long slow breaths into the bag will help tremendously. This method is something that can truly make a difference in your life if you learn to do it effectively. Deep, slow breaths are the key.

If you have a boss that you trust, sit down with him and be truthful about your problem. Explain that you are learning how to deal with these problems, and that you will occasionally need to step away for a short time to deal with it. Most employers will understand, and many workplaces will actually have resources to help you. Do not be ashamed of these problems, as panic disorder is much more widespread than you might think. Your boss himself may even be a fellow sufferer!


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