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Converting the Attic in Your Home to Create a Second Living Area

A growing family may find it difficult to accommodate the interests and tastes of every member in a single living room. How do you stop the fights over the selection of the living room activity? The solution is not quite difficult – all you need to do is convert your attic into a second living space.

The first question that comes to the mind is – how can you transform a small attic into a living area? Here are a few tips that will help you create a cosy living space in the attic for yourself and your family.

Don’t let the sloped ceiling become a design dilemma. One of the first obstacles to convert your attic into a living space is often the sloped ceiling. Instead of worrying about it, incorporate it into your decor scheme. Extend the paint or wallpaper on the walls up to the ceiling to create a snug space with ease.

Enhance the open and airy feel with natural light. If there are no windows in the attic, you need to install one or two. If this is not possible, at least make sure there are one or two open skylights on the roof. This will ensure that the space receives ample natural light, a prerequisite for a nice, well-ventilated retreat.

Opt for plush carpeting for the floor. While hardwood floor has its own beauty, carpeted floor is often the better choice for an attic. It provides a luxurious feeling underfoot and ensures no injuries from falls for your kids. Moreover, it prevents the noise from the attic hampering the peace of the rooms beneath.  

Find furniture that does not sacrifice aesthetics because of the functionality. Opt for pieces that offer more than one advantage. A curved storage cabinet that makes use of the slope, an ottoman that can work as a seat, a side table or a footrest and a daybed that does not constrict the view are all good examples of appropriate furniture.  

Install appropriate lighting to create a cheerful space. Whether you create a cosy reading nook on the window seat or a comfortable place to sit and watch television, adequate lighting is important for the activities. A simple chandelier can enhance the beauty of the high ceiling and pretty table lamps can provide necessary lighting. 

Choose a colour palette that exudes warmth and cosiness. A simple, neutral colour palette can create an open feeling in the small space. Incorporating the right accents can keep the space from becoming boring. You can do this with little splashes of colour, bright flowers in a vase on the coffee table, or with a few patterns, on the pillows and throws.

Don’t go overboard with the television size. If you cannot imagine a living space without a television, make sure you choose a small scaled one. If the television is too big, it can hamper the plan of the entire room. Opt for one that suits the overall size of the room and becomes part of the overall decor scheme.

A little planning can help you create a nice second living area up in the attic. Just make sure you keep the scale and the incline of the room in mind. Also, opt for low scale furniture such as low back chairs and stools to make sure the space feels more open.

Author Bio 

Rose Hamilton is the editor of an interior decor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions for the right decor scheme and appropriate traditional or modern furniture to create a second living room in your attic. If you are looking for sleek contemporary pieces or designer reproduction furniture for this space, you may visit online furniture stores for such products.


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