Cool Android Applications


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software 
Published on 01-20-2009

Here are some cool applications to enhance your Android-based smartphone user experience.


This application allows you to enjoy photo editing in your mobile phone. Apart from livening up dull images, the program could also work its magic on your images in the form of captions, word bubbles and callouts with the help of its cool fonts .

Spotlight and Marker tools allow you to highlight interesting areas in your images. You can even go to the extent of creating birthday and other greeting cards.


Need a cab to rush you to some place important? With this application, calling a taxi to your location is just a single click away. How’s this possible? The application makes use of Android’s version of Google Maps. The best part is you don’t even have to get the cab service telephone number and know the address you are at. You don’t even have to make a call. Just make a click on the map and a taxi will be available for you.


Are you a music buff? If you’re, TuneWiki is a godsend for you. This application will let you share your favorite numbers with other users. Using Google Maps, you can also discover what music lovers in other parts of the world are listening to. It also has the facility to play music videos with synchronized lyrics provided by the TuneWiki community. Welcome to the world of Karaoke on your phone.


This is a must-have application for folks in the corporate world who usually find themselves in the embarrassing situation of forgetting to put their mobile phones in silent mode especially when they are in a conference.

With this application, you can configure your telephone to operate in the silent mode the moment you step into your office. Locale can also make use of Android’s GPS facility to forward calls to the location you’re in by adjusting your telephone settings accordingly. It can also send a message to Twitter letting your contacts know your current location.


Need to make a smart shopping decision before you taking your wallet out the next time? GoCart helps you collect the necessary product information before making a purchase decision. Again the GPS technology is at work with Android’s built-in camera. The application will scan barcodes of products in the neighborhood shops and compare prices with online stores. You may even read a quick review of a product before deciding whether to buy it. Grab this application so that you can stay on the track of being a smart shopper,


Want to know what’s happening in your local community? Planning to hold a neighborhood crime watch meeting? Life360 allows you to send notices to other users in the neighborhood. You can also configure your telephone to receive any emergency alert in the neighborhood. A great social networking application that lets you stay in touch with friends and neighbors.


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