Coolest Gadgets of Year 2009

It used to be that only guys were really into new gadgets. After all, the James Bond films with the cool spy gear and the hot women were aimed at the male market. Guys secretly wanted to have a car with an ejection seat that could spit out an oil slick.

However, women are no longer the technophobes that some people seem to think they are. More and more women now work in the technology field, so inventors are coming up with cool gadgets that appeal to everyone – not just the teenage boy who never grew up.

Here is one that only women will appreciate though.

Color Changing Leather Shoes

There are many ladies who like to have shoes to match their favorite outfits. What fashion maven wouldn’t appreciate a pair of shoes that change color on their own? These shoes from the Footwear and Recreation Technology Research Institute of Taiwan change color when exposed to sunlight. They can be coated with a resin that consists of microcapsules with luminous particles. These particles change from pink to orange or purple about 30 seconds after coming into contact with sunlight. They only change for up to 60 hours. After that, the change will become permanent. The entire shoe may be coated or various portions to give one a chance to create a unique pair of shoes.

George Foreman USB iGrill

Just when you thought there were no more possible variations on a theme, the folks who make the George Foreman Grills have created one that plugs into the USB port on your computer. The iGrill uses current from the USB connection to charge high voltage capacitors, which in turn power the grill. Perfect for students and anyone who likes to be able to eat on the run.

USBCELL Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have been around for practically forever it seems, but these take things a step further. What is so cool about them? Pop the top off, and plug them into a USB port to charge. Made by Moxia Energy, currently they only sell the AA size. 9 volt, cell phone and device sizes are forthcoming.

iAxe USB Electric Guitar

This electric guitar from iAxe is a full size electric guitar that can plug into any USB port, and lets you turn your PC or Mac into an amplifier. Rock out in relative silence as well, by plugging in a set of headphones. The guitar itself has a 22-fret maple neck, a solid body, three single coil pickups, and five way switching. You can also plug the guitar into any standard amp. Along with the guitar, you get software that will allow you to record directly to your computer. You also get Audacity editing software.

USB Turntable with iPod Dock

Finally, there’s a way to record those old vinyl record albums onto your computer. Everyone knows that vinyl sounds better anyway, right? The turntable features adjustable gain, anti-skating, and high speed recording functions. Best of all, it plugs into your USB port. So get those records out of the attic, and onto the computer. If you want a retro iPod Dock, here you go!


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