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Copywriting to Get More Clients: Share Your Own Story

  • By Cathy Goodwin
  • Published 04/1/2009
  • Writing for the Web

Online business owners who want to attract clients need to demonstrate credibility and expertise. But clients often are nervous about working with a stranger on their lives, relationships, finances and even their businesses. One way to convert nervous prospects to clients is to share your own story in a professional way. Many independent professionals chose their field because of their own experiences. They taught themselves first. They transformed their own lives. And now they are ready to show clients how to achieve the same great results. Telling your own story is a way to establish yourself as a unique supplier of a professional service as quickly as possible. It’s a way to empathize with prospects because you’re saying, “I’ve been in your situation.” Many successful professionals use this technique when the write their “about” page or “home ” page on their website. Almost any story can become the cornerstone of your copywriting project. You usually start off with a description of where you began your journey. The content for this part of your story comes from your experiences. You don’t have to present yourself as broke or struggling. You can just talk about the challenges of starting a new adventure. For instance, maybe you moved to a new city for family reasons and you had to start a new life on a limited budget.

It’s important to be honest when you share your story, but you can edit what you write. You can omit sections that are not relevant to your business. Suppose you went through an ugly, bitter divorce. If you’re a divorce lawyer or

relationship consultant, that story will be relevant. But if you are a business coach, you probably won’t emphasize the murky, messy details. Don’t spend too long on the beginning. Move on to what you did to overcome these challenges. Did you take courses? Create a plan of action? Try some things that didn’t work before stumbling across an effective solution? You don’t have to go into lots of detail, because this section will become the service you provide now. Finally, focus on the results you achieved. Professionals who do their own copywriting often skimp on this step because they don’t want to brag. But this step will hold the greatest interest for your own clients. Use your judgment about what to share. Some business consultants are very comfortable stating their revenues and income. Some talk about their cars, houses, vacations and even boats. Others prefer to emphasize success in terms of achievement: “I used to wait for the phone to ring. Now I charge for introductory sessions and have a three-month waiting list.” When you talk about your results, it’s important to indicate that you are enjoying what you have. If you just talk about making money and serving clients, readers view you as frazzled. They want to know you’ve achieved a meaningful life as well as a big business. You don’t need to open the door to your personal life, but a few sentences can show that you’re happy and fulfilled.

Writing your own story can be a powerful way to connect with your website visitors, prospects and clients. As you continue to gain success, you may choose a different story or different aspect of your life so you will be able to reach and motivate your current target market.



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