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Copywriting Writing Compelling Web Sales Copy With Storytelling

Copywriting is the term used to describe web sales copy. Whenever you purchase something on the internet, it is most likely like you first read a sales letter that was written specifically for the internet. This type of writing is very different from any other. In fact, it is not writing at all. Instead, web sales copy is a persuasive type of selling directed at those who are searching for information online. You can learn to craft sales copy in the same way so that your prospects will be compelled to purchase what you have for sale. One the best ways to reach people is through storytelling. I learned this early on, and it has made a huge difference in my online business. Later on, many of my clients tell me they were so drawn in by my story that they knew they wanted to buy from me right away. Storytelling only works if you are sharing a true story of how you went from where you were to where you are today. My story includes information on how I was teaching and working in real estate for twenty years, six or seven days a week, just to be able to have my own home and care for my mother.

I go on to talk about having

survived cancer, more than once, and how I decided to change my life completely as I approached my fiftieth birthday. Many people can relate to this story. I then go on to tell them about how I got a slow start online, but once I figured out how to build an online business I have now tripled my income. Finally, I tell them that I do not want them to have to go through an entire year before making money online. The story is completely true and extremely compelling. We are all used to hearing stories from the time we are very young, so as adults we continue to be interested in what others have gone through to get to where they are today. Spend some time writing down your story. Divide it into three parts. These are where you were to begin with, what happened in your life to make you want to change things, and how you changed them in order to create what you now have. Be specific with dates, events, and actions you took to make the transition in your life.

Copywriting on the internet will bring you more clients than you ever imagined, once people can relate to you and see themselves in your shoes. When you spend some time working on writing your sales letter and you will build your online business quickly and easily.



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