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Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan


Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan

Many of you have probably experienced having super strong and light weight Corning Gorilla Glass on your cell phone, but the folks at Corning and Egan have come up with a great new application of the incredibly light and strong material.  Glass whiteboards look cool, but they also tend to have some pretty noticeable drawbacks that the Corning Gorilla Glass  Marker Board by Egan overcomes.  I want to thank the folks from Corning for sending this sample over for review that I’ll be returning to them shortly…as always having a review sample sent doesn’t influence the review and views of the product in anyway.


Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan Thin Side View

I think the most immediately noticeable thing about the Corning Gorilla Glass dry erase board by Egan was how thin it is.  The above picture is a side view of the board with my debit card sitting on top of it.  Now its hard to precisely measure but the Corning Gorilla Glass dry erase board by Egan, but it is just about the same thickness as the debit card.  If you have ever used or seen any other glass dry erase boards you know that they can be quite thick, and as a result of that thickness they can be significantly heavier too.  One of the other side effects that you get with thicker glass whiteboards is the issue of having your writing reflect creating a shadow image effect called parallax.  Because this glass is so thin, it doesn’t create that shadow image effect under the glass.


Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan Super Thin

To give you an even better idea how thin this glass is, here is a picture of it in my Levenger Circa notebook divider folder.  Now of course at 8 inches by 12 inches, you can see that it measures longer than the folder itself, but thats not the point really.  The point here is that you can actually slide this glass whiteboard into a pocket or folder thats designed to hold a few sheets of paper.


Corning Gorilla Glass Dry Erase Board by Egan Dry Erase

Besides being incredibly thin and having some weight and visual benefits as a result, there are also a few other benefits that the Corning Gorilla Glass dry erase board has over traditional glass products.  Because of how thin it is, it also allows for using standard strength magnets with it rather than the high strength rare earth magnets some other boards require.  A last feature that is really nice is that the Gorilla Glass material is non-absorbent so the dry erase ink wont leave residue and shadows behind on the board when you wipe it clean.

Overall these Corning Gorilla Glass dry erase boards really outshine the glass dry erase boards currently on the market.  All of the improved characteristics such as the thin profile, light weight, durable material, and better visual quality make them a superior option in the glass dry erase board category.

Thanks again to the folks at Corning for sharing this product with us for review.  You can learn a ton more about the Gorilla Glass Marker Board on the Corning Gorilla Glass site and on the Egan website as well.

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