Corporate Retreat Ideas


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Business Management 
Published on 01-31-2009

Many large corporations offer their executives and top managers relaxing retreats. The retreats serve several purposes other than offering some fun time away from the office. Retreats offer an opportunity for executives to build strong working relationships. Individuals can get to know one another a little better so that they are able to work together with little or no conflict. Each manager and executive can learn about the strength and weaknesses of others so that everyone can work together to create successful teams for work.

Corporate retreats provide a laid back environment for brainstorming on new or upcoming projects. They provide an opportunity to get away from the stresses of the office to troubleshoot or overcome any hurdles facing the corporation. Everyone appreciate being treated to a corporate retreat and is ready to put his or her best foot forward when returning to work. Retreats are not all fun and no work, they simply provide a more innovative way to get the job done.

The specific location a corporation selects for their retreat will depend on several factors. The people organizing the retreat will need to determine if the retreat will be for a day, a weekend or several days. A budget will need to be agreed upon which will impact where a corporation holds their retreat. Some corporations might select retreats in another state while others might hold their retreat in a relaxing location close to home. The specific resort or location for a retreat will be determined by each individual company. However, there are several corporate retreat ideas that are popular among almost anyone.

Retreats where executives can enjoy the outdoors are quite popular. Taking a moment to admire nature provides a nice change of pace from the stress and demands of a busy office. Corporations often look for retreats offering camping grounds. Hiking trails and lakes for fishing are common activities on corporate retreats highlighting nature. Those people who are organizing the retreat can search for locations offering wildlife, bird watching and star gazing in addition to the traditional activities.

Golf resorts are also among the most popular choices for corporate retreats. Many executives and mangers already use golf courses as a place to discuss business while enjoying time away from the office. Golf resorts offer picturesque golf courses. There are typically a variety of other activities to enjoy as well including swimming, good food and relaxing accommodations.

Corporate retreats offering executives the chance to play some sports and form teams with other people from the company are also a good choice. They provide a fun way for members of a company to interact and to work on teamwork and team leadership skills. Resorts that offer tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball nets are among the most prevalent.

A corporate retreat can offer a unique getaway rather than the traditional resorts. Executives could attend space camp for a few days or take part in spring training for a professional sport. A company could organize a retreat at a theme park or at a National Park. There are any number of creative and traditional retreats for corporations that have learned the benefits of spending the money to offer retreats for top managers and executives.


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