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Corum admiral's cup black chronograph 40 watch

The charm of the Corum Admiral’s Cup watches sweeping men off firstly and then captivate the heart of thousands of women. That is the exact reason Corum starts to develop and enlarge their female customer base. And the most common practice they apply is to launch female versions of their popular men¡¯s models, just like what many other watch brand do.

Well, the newest Corum women¡¯s version is the Admiral’s Cup Black Chronograph 40 Watch. As the name implies, Corum has resized the original 44mm case, the stardard size of Admiral’s Cup watch, to 40mm so as to make it suitable for a woman¡¯s wrist. Er, 40mm is still large for women. But it does not matter as big watches are hot nowadays.

The case, crafted from stainless steel, is coated with black PVD. While maintaining the basic design of the Admiral’s Cup, the watch features a diamond-set dezel that brings a luxury touch and a bit feminine feel to the original cool looking. Totally, the watch uses 66 brilliant-cut diamonds. Corum also redesigns the dial to make it look much nicer, more feminine and a bit more sporty.

The Corum Admiral’s Cup Black Chronograph 40 Watch is powered by a Swiss automatic chronograph movement whose accuracy has been certified by COSC Chronometer.

And this watch is available in black dial version and white dial version. The former is limited to 355 pieces, and the latter is limited 155 piece. According to Corum, these pieceswill hit market very soon. Are you ready to pull trigger on one of them?


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