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Could Fentons help you?

  • By Luke Bishop
  • Published 05/31/2012

Being at work and living an active vocational life is not always without its risks, but that doesn’t mean it should end up costing you in the long run. Accidents can happen, but if you have been affected by something that wasn’t your fault you may be able to turn to Fentons Solicitors – personal injury lawyers with a fantastic reputation for great advice and winning you the compensation you deserve.

Fentons have been fighting cases like these for over 80 years, and have some of the best and most experienced legal professionals in the business. Fentons has developed specialist teams with the experience and expertise required to handle a diverse range of personal injury work including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, medical negligence, industrial diseases and more.

The development of “No Win, No Fee” services has allowed clients to pursue personal injury compensation claims with complete peace of mind. Unlike most of their competitors, Fentons have pledged to ensure that clients keep one hundred percent of the damages awarded to them through the courts.

Fentons is also committed to improving health and safety standards in the workplace, and highlights shortcomings in health and safety through its work on behalf of many thousands of personal injury claimants on a daily basis. As a result of our their rapid expansion, both in terms of clients and the number of solicitors employed, Fentons has attained a national media profile.

At the same time, we are committed to ensuring that every client has ready access to their solicitor. Through our Client’s Charter, we seek to ensure the highest possible standards of client care.

If you think you’ve got a case that Fentons could help with, give them a call on 0800 019 1297 and talk to one of their experts.

About the Author: Luke Bishop is a writer and fan of personal injury lawyers



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