Countries that start with A, countries beginning with the letter A


Afghanistan, the authority name heavily influenced by the Taliban beginning around 2021 – the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – a state in South Asia. Populace for 2019 – 32,225,560 individuals; region – 652 864 km². It is positioned 37th on the planet as far as the populace and 40th as far as a domain.

  • Capital: Kabul
  • Region: 652,860 km²
  • Populace: 38.93 million (2020) World Bank
  • Cash: Afghan Afghani
  • Total national output: USD 19.81 billion (2020) World Bank
  • Board: Islamic Republic
  • Official dialects: Pashto, Dari



Albania is a little country in southeastern Europe, situated on the Balkan Peninsula. It is washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and is home to the mountain range known as the Albanian Alps. Albania is well known for its various palaces and archeological destinations. In its capital Tirana, unique consideration ought to be paid to the huge Skanderbeg Square, Effing Bay Mosque, and the National Museum, which shows Xhibits from various times: from antiquated occasions to the post-socialist time frame.

  • Capital: Tirana
  • Currency: Albanian Lek
  • Continent: Europe
  • President: Ilir Meta



Algeria is a state in North Africa situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. Different domains have made some meaningful differences here. Roman remains should be visible in the waterfront town of Tipaza. In the capital of the country, the city of Algeria, there are landmarks from the Ottoman Empire, for example, the 1612 Ketshava Mosque in the Kasbah bumpy quarter with tight roads and steps. The Neo-Byzantine-style Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa advises us that there was once a French province here.

  • Capital: Algeria
  • President: Abdelmajid Tebbun
  • Populace: 43.85 million (2020) World Bank
  • Mainland: Africa
  • Official dialects: Arabic, Standard Algerian Berber



Andorra is a little autonomous territory situated in the Pyrenees among France and Spain. It is a famous obligation-free zone and furthermore draws in vacationers with its ski resorts. In the capital of the state, Andorra la Vella, there are numerous shops, adornments stores, and retail plazas. The majority of them are focused on Mericell Avenue. The capital additionally has an old quarter, which houses the Romanesque church of Santa Coloma with a round ringer tower.

  • Capital: Andorra la Vella
  • Region: 468 km²
  • Populace: 77,265 (2020) World Bank
  • Mainland: Europe



Angola is a state in South Africa with a mind-boggling waterway framework, tropical seashores of the Atlantic Ocean, and a desert that stretches from the south of the country to its line with Namibia. Because of the frontier history of Angola, Portugal has impacted its way of life. This is reflected both in the public food and in nearby attractions. A genuine model is the stronghold of San Miguel in Luanda, the capital of the country. This stronghold was worked by the Portuguese in 1576 to ensure the city.

  • Capital: Luanda
  • President: Juan Laurenzo
  • Money: Angolan Kwanzaa
  • Populace: 32.87 million (2020) World Bank
  • Mainland: Africa
  • Official language: Portuguese


Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a free state, which incorporates the islands of a similar name and a few other little ones. It is an individual from the Commonwealth of Nations and is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The nation is popular for resorts, rainforests, and seashores with coral reefs. The fundamental fascination of the state is the English Harbor with a yacht securing and the popular Nelson’s shipyard. The National Museum, situated in St. John’s, has an assortment of ancient rarities committed to the set of experiences and culture of Indian clans and the pioneer time frame.

  • Capital: Saint Johns
  • Calling code: +1
  • Populace: 97,928 (2020) World Bank
  • Money: East Caribbean dollar



Argentina is a huge country in South America renowned for its music and tango dance. The domain of Argentina covers the Andes mountains, frosty lakes, just as the pampa – steppes, where cows are customarily reproduced. The capital of the nation is the enormous global city of Buenos Aires. In its middle is the Plaza de Mayo, a square with masterful nineteenth-century structures. Among them is Casa Rosada, the seat of the President of Argentina.

  • President: Alberto Fernandez
  • Populace: 45.38 million (2020) World Bank
  • Money: Argentine peso
  • Mainland: South America
  • Official language: Spanish



Armenia is a state in the Caucasus, situated on the boundary of Europe and Asia; the previous association republic of the USSR. Armenia is perhaps the most antiquated Christian country, in this way, there are numerous significant strict landmarks. The most renowned among them are the Greco-Roman sanctuary of Garni and the Etchmiadzin Cathedral – the principal sanctuary of the Armenian Church worked in the fourth century. A well-known journey site is the Khor Virap cloister. It is situated close to Mount Ararat, which is an inert fountain of liquid magma situated in Turkey.

  • Capital: Yerevan
  • Calling code: +374
  • President: Armen Sargsyan
  • Populace: 2.963 million (2020) World Bank
  • Money: Armenian measure



Aruba has been firmly connected with the Netherlands, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, and the other Dutch Caribbean islands starting around 1634, when Dutch pilgrims set up in the Caribbean.

Aruba got its independent status in 1986, and consequently controls and deals with its own inside undertakings. In any case, as it is still essential for the Kingdom, it shares responsibilities regarding specific outer undertakings. Explicit regions, for example, those identifying with ethnicity, guard, and removal are constrained by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It is the total of the Kingdom that is a state. Accordingly, the individual independent nations inside the Kingdom don’t have a worldwide legitimate character. In this way, Aruba can’t sign EU deals, for instance. This is the assignment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



Australia is a nation possessing the mainland of a similar name, which is washed by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Enormous urban communities, for example, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide are situated on the mainland’s coasts. The capital of Australia – Canberra – is situated a long way from the ocean. The primary attractions of the nation are the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Outback, a tremendous desert region. The fauna of Australia is likewise fascinating: novel types of creatures live here, like kangaroos and platypuses.

  • Top state leader: Scott Morrison Popular Inquiry
  • Capital: Canberra
  • Region: 7,692,000 km²
  • Date of establishment: January 1, 1901
  • Populace: 25.69 million (2020) World Bank



Austria is a Central European country with supreme history, Baroque engineering, mountain towns and elevated scene. The authority language here is German. The capital of Austria – the city of Vienna – is situated on the Danube River. Vienna is remarkable for its Schönbrunn and Hofburg royal residences, just as for the way that such celebrities as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and Sigmund Freud lived in it. Well known attractions in Austria are the Bohemian Forest in the north of the country, Lake Traunsee and grape plantations toward the east.

  • Chancellor: Karl Nehammer Popular Inquiry
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Populace: 8.917 million (2020) World Bank
  • President: Alexander Van der Bellen
  • Official language: German



Azerbaijan is a previous association republic of the USSR, a state situated on the shoreline of the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus Mountains, on the line of Europe and Asia. The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. It is popular for its old middle age town. In the old town there is the Maiden Tower overshadowing the town, just as the Palace of the Shirvanshahs – the illustrious home of the fifteenth century.

  • President: Ilham Aliyev Popular solicitation
  • Capital: Baku
  • Set up: October 18, 1991
  • Populace: 10.11 million (2020) World Bank
  • Cash: Azerbaijani manat
  • Total national output: USD 42.61 billion (2020) World Bank



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