Countries that start with E

Among the eight countries that start with the letter E Ethiopia is highly populated and the least populated is Eswatini. Four countries are located in Africa. Each of the other countries is located in Asia, Europe, Central, and South America. 


Egypt is a county that links northeast Africa with the Middle East. It consists of many world-famous places like the Nile river valley, Pyramids, and the Sahara desert. Its history stands tall among the world civilization. Arabic is the official language of Egypt.

El Salvador:

El Salvador is present in Central America. It is known as the land of volcanoes as there are nearly 326 volcanoes in this country. Spanish is its official language.


Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa. It is famous for world-renowned coffee. It has stunning scenery, a diverse landscape, and very old history and culture. Amharic is the widely spoken language in Ethiopia. 


Ecuador lies on the equator on South America’s west coast. It has a diverse landscape with Amazon jungle and Andean highlands. Spanish is the official language of Ecuador. 


Eritrea is also located in Eastern Africa. It is the smallest country that lies on the bank of the Red Sea. Its capital city Asmara is widely referred to as new Rome. Tigrinya along with Arabic is its official language. 

Equatorial Guinea:

Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country. They are Africa’s largest oil producer and Spanish is its official language. 


Estonia is situated in Northern Europe with more than 1500 islands. It has its unique history and Estonian is its official language. 


Eswatini is a Southern African country with beautiful emerald peaks, rivers, and valleys. There are many local languages spoken in this country. Among those Swazi and English are the official languages.  


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