Countries that start with f, countries beginning with the letter f

Some of the countries that start with an “f” include: Fiji, France, and Finland. These countries may not be as well known as some others but they all have their unique features and qualities. For example, Fiji is known for its tropical climate and French food.


Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, consists of over 300 islands and is an ideal destination for travelers seeking beautiful beaches and a perfect way to relax. Fiji has been home to some of the most ancient civilizations that ever existed. The country’s famous sights include the Coral Coast, which consists of many small islands and is home to palm trees and white sand beaches.


The northern European country of Finland is located just off the eastern coast of Sweden and is bordered by Russia to the east and Norway on the west. It has a population of just over 5 million people and has an area of 170,000 square miles. Finland, which is bilingual in Finnish and Swedish, became independent from Russia following World War II and is now one of the most stable countries in Europe.


France is a European country that borders with Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Andorra. The country is divided in two regions with the North being more densely populated while the South has more of the French Riviera. France is mostly Catholic but there are also significant numbers of Protestants and Atheists in the population. It has its own language which is called French.


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