Countries that start with g, countries beginning with the letter g

It’s hard to find a country that starts with the letter G. Our list of countries that start with the letter G is limited to only 13 countries. The most notable of these 13 is Gambia, which has a population of 1,017,741 people. Other smaller countries that start with the letter G are Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, and Ghana.


Gabon is one of the smallest countries in Africa, but it is also one of the richest. They are home to the second largest rain forest in Africa and plan on taking full advantage of their natural resources. Gabon has a prosperous oil industry, with 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves. The country exports a ton of petroleum a day and is currently investing in nuclear power plants for electricity production.


The Gambia is a small, thin strip of land on the western coast of Africa with a long Arabic name. It sits at the mouth of the River Gambia. It’s population is about 1.8 million people and it’s been ruled by a president from one political party since a coup in 1994 set up a dictatorship that has slowly been transitioned into a democracy.


Georgia, formally known as the Republic of Georgia, is a country located in Eastern Europe and Southern Asia. It is bordered by Russia to the north and Turkey to the south. The Georgian language is spoken by around 83% of its population and Georgian Orthodox Christianity is practiced by 59% of its population. The country has a high human development index of 0.780 with a Life expectancy of 73.8 years and 79.7 years for females and males respectively.


The little country of Germany, on the outskirts of continental Europe, presents a beautiful and rich culture. The people revere their culture on an international scale, especially in art. They also love to explore new ideas and integrate them into their own society.


Ghana is a country in West Africa that was colonized by the UK during the 1800’s. This colonization led to the establishment of cocoa plantations and rubber plantations. The UK also brought gold mining, which was followed by Ghanaian independence in 1957. There are at least 18 tribes in Ghana, but 80% of the population identifies as Akans. The official languages are English and Twi.


The country of Greece is situated in southeastern Europe, with the country’s geography being defined by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Macedonia to the north, and Albania to the east. The climate for this country is typically identified as hot and dry summers with mild, rainy winters. Aside from its beaches, Greece has a rich history dating back to antiquity that makes it a destination for vacationers who want to be immersed in culture.


The Island of Grenada lies just south of Puerto Rico, and north of Trinidad and Tobago. This small island is the largest producer of nutmeg in the world as well as a major growing center for cocoa. It is also home to an active volcano which has been dormant since the 1940s. The island country has been independent since 1974, after it gained its independence from Britain.


The country of Guatemala is home to a rich culture, centuries-long history, and some of the most beautiful pyramids in the world. From ancient Mayan ruins to colourful festivals, there are many sights to see. Guatemala’s largest cities are heavily influenced by colonial Spanish architecture that still stands strong today. The little towns around these cities are fishing villages that have retained their original character that are worth visiting.


Country Guinea is a small country in West Africa. It shares borders with six other countries, including Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. The country also has a diverse climate consisting of tropical rainforests, grasslands and a vast coastline.
Various ethnic groups comprise the population of Guinea. The most predominant group are the Fulani who make up 29% of the population.


The largest country in the Caribbean, Guyana’s diverse geography makes it an adventure to visit. It has large rainforests and swamps, sand dunes, sugarcane fields, beaches, mountains, and rivers. Guyana is an English-speaking democracy with a population of approximately 750,000 people. The varied climates of the country are determined by its location along the equator.


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