Countries that start with j, countries beginning with the letter j

The letter J seems like an unlucky letter for most people. There’s not really a country that starts with the letter, and it’s also the last letter of the alphabet. Though there is something to be said about countries that start with “J” as they are at least listed in alphabetical order and therefore provide some sort of sense of order to the world.


Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, located off the coast of Central America. The country has a tropical climate with two consecutive dry seasons. Jamaica’s population is concentrated mostly in urban areas with little internal migration. Despite being an English-speaking country, Jamaicans are fluent in the languages of Spanish, Creole and Patois as well.


Japan has a very diverse culture, which is heavily influenced by many of the different periods of its history. It is a developed country that was created through successful post-war economic growth. It is the world’s second largest economy and exports more than 20% (or $645 billion) of the world’s manufactured goods. Japan has also been able to maintain a stable society, despite its cultural diversity and huge population.


The country of Jordan has a population of 9.6 million people, about 92% are Sunni Muslims with the remainder being Christian or Jewish. The literacy rate in the country is 91% while unemployment is at 12%. The GDP per capita is $2.3k while life expectancy for females is 78 years and 67 years for males.


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