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Cow Poop Notebook by PooPooPaper


PooPoo Paper – A Notebook Made from Cow Poop

I typically steer clear of doing reviews of what I consider to be more “gimmicky” types of products, but it was hard to pass up a chance to take a look at this cow poop notebook.  Before I get started, I’ll just state what is hopefully obvious, but the notebook itself is clean and does not actually smell like cow poop.


PooPooPaper Notebook – Inside

The paper in the cow poop notebook is pretty heavily textured because of the fact that the fiber eaten by the cow is not totally digested, so it passes through and is left behind when the poop is processed into paper.  The front and back side of each sheet of paper is quite different to the touch.  The front of each sheet is fairly smooth, except for the texture of the random fibers, while the back side of the page feels much more like the surface of tissue paper, also with the random chunky text of the fibers.  It does give the paper quite a bit of charm and personality, but it might not be the best when it comes to providing a consistent writing experience.


PooPooPaper Broken Binding

Sadly, from the moment I opened this notebook, I could tell that it was in a pretty fragile state.  When I laid the notebook down and flipped the cover open, I could hear the paper ripping away from the inside cover and binding.  It only took a short time of turning pages and writing in the notebook before the entire inside had worked its way loose from the cover and binding.  Maybe I was just the unfortunate recipient of a bad notebook, but consider this one of those “buyer beware” moments if you are interested in purchasing one of these…which by the way is no longer available on the Uncommon Goods website, although I only ordered this a few weeks ago from them.


PooPoo Paper Notebook Writing Sample

Cow Poop Notebook Summary.

If you can get past the fact that the notebook literally fell apart on me, the writing experience was fairly positive.  There was definitely no bleeding or show through on the other side of the page, and barring the occasional bump caused by the fiber in the paper each of the pens I’ve used on this paper performed fairly well.  The fountain pen was probably the trickiest in terms of being to navigate smoothly over the bumps in the paper but I’d still consider it to be OK.  There are certainly other much more usable and higher quality green office supplies that we have reviewed here, so although this is  a pretty unique notebook, I think that there are many better options out there.  If you are interested in something similar to the cow poop notebook, you can always check these out on Amazon.

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