Craft Ideas to Sell from Home

When times are tight financially, many people begin to look for additional ways to make money. If this is the situation you are in, you may decide to sell some of your belongings for extra cash. If you’re a crafty person, however, you should consider making items to sell.

First consider the time of year you will be making crafts to sell for. If a holiday is coming up, you will have a very good chance of selling craft items related to that holiday. For Christmas, you can make cross stitched or clay ornaments for the tree. You can also cross stitch, knit, crochet, or sew Christmas stockings. For Halloween, you can sell costumes if you’re handy with a sewing machine. Customized jack-o-lanterns can also be a big seller with people who aren’t very good at carving their own.

You can also tailor your crafts for sale to the season. For winter, you can offer knitted or crocheted afghans, sweaters, or cold weather gear such as hats, scarves, and mittens. In the summertime, you could sell sundresses. Sandals decorated with beads or fancy yarn are also great for summer crafts to get a little extra cash.

If you are a member of a parenting group, whether it’s online or offline, you may be able to market several types of crafts to the other members. Parents of little girls may enjoy buying handmade barrettes, bows, or other hair accessories. Parents of little girls or boys are often in the market for things such as baby carriers, personalized tee shirts, or cloth diapers.

For baby showers, you can also make diaper cakes, which are rolled diapers stacked in tiers to resemble a cake, often decorated with small baby toys or other necessities like bottles. Handmade toys are especially popular today since many parents are concerned about lead paint in many toys that are available in stores today, or in older toys that have been handed down.

Play food is a great addition for the little ones’ kitchens, and it can be crocheted or made from felt. Homemade dolls and stuffed animals are also a hit with many parents and kids alike, and there are patterns available for many popular cartoon character stuffed toys.

Finally, don’t forget the appeal of customized items for any occasion. Cross stitched samplers are popular for weddings, anniversaries, births, and moving into the first home as a couple. Grandparents also love shirts with their grandchildren’s names and a cartoon boy or girl face – or a set of handprints for each child. If you live close enough to each grandchild, you can even use their actual handprints.

If you take the time to make quality crafts and do some research to determine a fair price for your items, selling crafts from home can be a great way to make some extra cash. Advertise your crafts for sale in as many places as you can, and consider offering a free item to a small number of customers to get free word of mouth advertising.


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