Craft Projects for 9 Year Old Girls


Authored by Donna Johnson in Crafts 
Published on 10-23-2009

Once your daughter reaches the age of 9 years old, it can become quite tricky to figure out what types of activities she’d like to do. This also applies to craft projects. Some things you may think are too advanced for a 9 year old girl may be exactly the type of projects she’d like to do. On the other hand, she may also look down on your choices as babyish or too easy. Every 9 year old girl is different, making the task of choosing craft projects even more daunting. But it can be done.

Start with any crafts you currently do yourself. For example, if you cross stitch, allow your daughter to look through the patterns you have or browse a website that sells patterns so that she can get a feel for what she’d like to try. Many girls at this age still enjoy personalized crafts, and there are plenty of cross stitch projects that can be personalized. There are many different alphabet patterns that feature themes including fairies or other mythical creatures that a 9 year old girl might enjoy. She can choose to do just her initial at first, but if she enjoys cross stitching she may do her entire name in such an alphabet.

Personalization crafts can also include scrapbooking. Your daughter can design her own scrapbook pages from photos of friends or family at holiday gatherings or other special events. She can also make memory book pages with her current favorite things, such as TV shows, movies, books, actors, and singers. If she makes a memory book page each year, she’ll end up with a book full of nostalgia she can take with her when she leaves home for college, to look at and reminisce whenever she likes.

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, you can teach your daughter those crafts as well. Good starter projects for a 9 year old girl include things like ponytail holders, small purses, and watchbands. Your daughter may also enjoy jazzing up dollar store flip flop shoes with funky yarn for a unique summer look. If she enjoys knitting or crocheting enough, she can even move on to stylish socks for wintertime. Some 9 year old girls still enjoy playing with Barbie dolls, and there are also many patterns for crocheted Barbie clothes and accessories. Your daughter could also make Barbie clothes as gifts for younger sisters, cousins, or friends if she herself has outgrown Barbie dolls. Not only will the recipient be thrilled with the gift itself, but she will likely be very admiring of your daughter’s ability to make such “cool” things.

Most importantly, let your daughter have the say in what type of craft she’d like to make. Remember that she will not necessarily enjoy the same type of crafts that you do. Crafting can still be a bonding experience if you’re working on two different crafts while sitting side by side. Once she’s expressed what type of craft she’d like to try, you can work together to choose a project that she will enjoy, both while creating it and after it is complete.


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