Crafts for One Year Olds


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Crafts 
Published on 11-06-2009

Although still very young, one year olds have the full ability to create fun crafts. Instead of doing the entire craft for your one year old, use these simple craft ideas that the child can do on their own. They will get a greater feeling of achievement from having a piece of art that they created solely by themselves. Use these simple tips on how to create crafts for one year olds.

Crafts for One Year Olds: Nature Findings

One year olds love to stick things to paper using glue so it’s fun to create a craft around that idea. To create a nature picture, allow the one year old to go for a walk around the yard, park or neighborhood to find items for their nature picture. In their basket, allow them to collect things found in nature such as leaves, flowers, tiny pebbles and feathers.

After you and your child return home, allow them to begin sticking their nature findings on paper using a white glue or glue stick. You may allow your child to add other items to their picture such as glitter, drawings with markers or crayons or stickers. Make two holes on each side of the paper using a hole-punch and attach a string to hang their creation on the fridge.

Crafts for One Year Olds: Magazine Collage

Collages are always fun for kids to create and can really show their creativity. Allow your child to rip out some of their favorite pictures from a magazine or cut out many pictures and allow them to pick their favorite. Children can relate more to pictures that they enjoy looking at such as animals, toys, foods or other children. Try to use these for their collage.

Allow them to glue their magazine pictures in any way that they’d like to on their paper. Using a glue stick is usually the easiest and non-messiest for this type of project. You will see your one year old overlapping the pictures by nature just like a collage is meant to do. Enjoy your child’s creation.

Crafts for One Year Olds: Gifts and Cards

For the holiday seasons, your one year old can brighten up any dull card or gift box with their decorations. Give your one year old a box of supplies such as pom poms, glitter pens, markers, crayons, stickers and various textures and shapes. Allow them to glue the different shapes onto the holiday cards and gift boxes.

Allow your child to make dull cards or plain boxes more colorful. Close relatives and friends will love getting a gift that your child has made special. This project can keep your one year old busy for a long time with so many creative choices to choose from.

Crafts for One Year Olds: Conclusion

It’s important to supervise your child at all times to keep them safe from swallowing or inhaling any of these craft supplies. Using these simple ideas for crafts for one year olds to stimulate their minds and get their creative juices flowing.


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