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Crazy fashion fans and prada

In 2011 spring and summer, these style shoes of Prada will be hot selling points in fashion stages. Just as the expectation of Miuccia Prada, new, brave, and elegant became the most important fashion word of the 2011 spring and summer series shoes of Prada. The shoes learns from the fluorescence colors using and the striation clothing design, it will be outstanding among the growing fashion goods, shoes equipped England oxford soles is so interesting. In the hot Spring 2011 fashion week, when the new star Arizona Muse coming out, all eyes are attracted by her exquisite footwear, in the New York Times, last month, in the entire Prada branch store of Manhattan, this series Hongkong style thick sole lace shoes has sold out. It seems that the smoky gray one is welcomed better, though the supply of black series shoes is enough, the smoky gray group is more attractive. Many fashion followers of Manhattan have started a longer waiting for this series since this February. England fashion followers also have a similar interest fro those shoes, once a store allocate and transport the products directly from Milan, you still have to wait for about 6 to 8 weeks, and the waiters become more and more, once theses shoes arrive England, you still can not find any pair of them in any store for they have been sold out before they arrive the stores. Fashion blogger Susie Lau has a special experience, when she attend the Milan show, she never forgets to find this style shoes, she said that she booked this shoes long age, but she still can not buy one, fortunately, she get her shoes in Corsa Venezia store Not only our common fashioners, but also many trendsetters who used attended the fashion shows also love this series shoes; it is easy for you to find the same style shoes in shows stages.


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