Create HighQuality Screencasts For Free With CamStudio


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software
Published on 01-21-2009

Looking for a software to create screencasts? The top recommendation would of course be Camtasia Studio. This is software of choice to produce pro-quality software training videos incorporating Powerpoint presentations. It’s major drawback is its cost – $300. That does not mean you have to kiss your planned screencast projects goodbye.

Help is at hand in the form of CamStudio, a freeware screen capture program which has won rave reviews in leading PC magazines, including pcmag.com’s Editors’ Choice with a five-star rating.

CamStudio is a fully-functional program that can even be used for commercial purposes without having to pay the developer royalties. As such it would be a suitable program for Internet marketers without a budget who wish to make product presentation videos.

CamStudio captures screen activity and saves it as an AVI file. As you would have known, AVI files take up much disk space. How then could the captured screencast be used as a web video? Don’t worry, because CamStudio has a built-in converter that converts the captured file into the SWF format. This is a fast-loading video format suitable for the Internet.

CamStudio provides great flexibility when it comes to making a screen capture. You can record the whole screen or capture only a desired section of the screen. You also have great control over the video output. You can manipulate the quality according to your needs from preparing the video for web streaming right up to making a DVD out of it.

One problem screencast producers face is the inability to produce smooth-flowing audio commentaries when screen capture is in progress. This is a skill that has to be developed over time. On the other hand, many who could offer commentaries aren’t satisfied with the quality of their voices and don’t want them in the video. To overcome this problem, CamStudio provides captioning support so that users could key in explanatory text. You can even annotate your video to help viewers focus on details.

Another cool feature is the Picture-In-Picture effect which you can use through your webcam to put yourself in the video.

Worried about the quality of your screen capture? Rest assured. CamStudio puts to work its own proprietary lossless codec which produces impressive screen capture videos.

Anxious about a steep learning curve? Rest easy because CamStudio is a program that you can easily master. A help section is provided in the program where you can clear any doubts you have on the working of the program. In case you need extra guidance on using CamStudio, you can head to YouYube. A search on the site listed 11, 800 videos. Isn’t that more than enough to help you master the program? The developer’s website also provides a blog where the latest news covering codecs, source codes and even video tutorials are provided.

If you are looking for a screen recording program that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, CamStudio is the perfect choice. Download it and start creating your screencasts.


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