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Create Informative Articles Based on Your Customers Questions

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Customer service is noted as the best way to attract customers and keep them coming back. Create informative articles based on your customer’s questions to provide the best customer service. Answering your customer’s questions is one way to provide good customer service. Customers love it when people go above and beyond what is necessary to keep them happy and earn their loyalty. It’s the same reason people like going to mom-and-pop stores. Customers get the inside scoop and outstanding customer service that makes them truly feel special and valued. It isn’t easy for Internet sales people to come across as sincere and genuine. One way to do this is to give their customers more than they expect. If you e-mail the webmaster a question about your hair care product, for example, you might expect a reply consisting of a sentence or two as the reply, in a sales pitch for their hair care products. Take customer service up a notch by turning your answer into an informative, educational article that completely answers the question. Avoid the Hard Sell When Replying to Customer Questions When a customer reaches out and asked a question online, either on a forum or through an e-mail, they are seeking more information about a product before making a purchase. It’s important to treat these customers carefully because they already show interest and will easily become a client if handled correctly.

That doesn’t mean assume a customer with a question is automatically interested in your product. Nor does it mean

go ahead with your hard-sell or badger the potential customer until he or she makes a purchase. A better route is to provide excellent customer service. To do this, answer your customer’s questions quickly and effectively. Answering the question by hitting the reply button is one way to go and it will surely get the job done. Take it one step further. Use the question to create an informative article. Post the article online then answer your customer with a brief reply and a link to your article that directly relates to their question. Create Informative Articles from Customer’s Questions How you create informative articles from your customer’s questions will have a lot to do with your personal writing style. If you are well versed in your topic area, you may be able to create a whole new article based on the question off the top in your head. Most writers need to put in a little more effort, though. I pick out the main idea in a few keywords from a customer’s question. I brainstorm about the main idea to come up with a topic and title for the article. Then I research the key words to find information that will back up what I have to say. I look for ways to help the customer and thoroughly answer their questions.

Continue to create informed articles based on your customer’s questions and you’ll earn their loyalty. If you repeat this process enough you’ll have a collection of high quality articles with information that is in demand. Using this method will help you come across as a genuine person and an expert in your field. Customers soon realize they can depend on you for quality information and they trust your services and recommendations.



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