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Create your own personalised number plate for your vehicle

Previously, personalised number plates were always considered as the possession for rich people. However, the scenario has changed recently. Nowadays anyone can create personalised number plates for their vehicle. The UK law for getting hold of personalised number plates has made it affordable for the common people. Hence, if you are planning to emblem your name or your company’s name on the number plate, you no more need to worry about the various legal clauses that used to exist previously. Are you planning to create such private number plate for your vehicle? You first need to get hold of the registration number for your vehicle.

How to get hold of the registration number?

After buying the vehicle, the buyer needs to pay a taxable amount to the DVLA (The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). It’s a governmental agency that will provide you a set of number known as the registration number. Once the numbers have been assigned to you, the number will remain attached to your vehicle until you surrender back to the agency or transfer it to any other owner. However, DVLA does provide the option of choosing the number as per one’s own choice. Hence, choose the set of number of your choice. You will only be required to pay few extra pounds with the taxable amount. The number you choose will get registered in the DVLA’s record book.

How to create your own number plate?

Now as you have get hold of a private registration number plate, plan out the procedure in which you will prefer to personalise the number plate. If you are looking for some guidelines, following tips can guide you in personalising the number plate as per your choice:-

·         Decide the type of vehicle for which you wish to have the private number plate. According to this, choose the suitable format for the number plate. If you are using it for a car, usually square format number plates are used. Otherwise, rectangular shape is used for vans and other type of vehicle.

·         Once the format is decided, think about the alphabets that should be used on the number plate. This means, whether you wish to use the initial for your name or your company’s name or any particular phrase need to be decided.

·         Along with this, also decide about the format in which you will prefer to arrange the numbers and the alphabets to be placed.

After deciding these factors you need to get in touch with the number plate makers who are finally going to create the private number plate for you.

How these number plate makers going to help you?

The vehicle number plate makers are expert in creating various kinds of private registration plates. Hence when you ask them to create one such plate for you, they will create it as per your choice. There are licensed agencies that have the legal permission to provide you the registration number of your choice. As far as the design and format of the number plate is concerned, they will definitely refer to you from time to time. However, before appointing any such agency, take a look into their previous work to know about their style of work.

Author bio – Emily Smith is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. She has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In her recent articles on private registrations, she shares some useful tips on how to own private number plate online in UK. Emily takes inspiration from Plate4Less (http://www.plates4less.co.uk ) while drafting her piece of articles.


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