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Create your own style with designer sunglasses

The Wayfarer glass fashions have been immortalised by then famous Hollywood actors in 1950s. It went outdated during the 1970 because of the hippie and disco era of cat eye fashion. But, the trend of wayfarer has been back into fashion ever since Tom Cruise has sported this in 1983 movie Risky Business. From that onwards, it has created a strong influence on young fashionista lives.

What kind of glass is wayfarer?

It is as same as cat eye glasses. It generally has a straight long brow frame, which is a fresh collection among the endless collections of round and square frames. However, what really makes the Wayfarer glasses different from the wide array of glasses is its unique trapezoidal frame. When you wear this, you can easily get a sturdy and masculine look. However, it is out of classy fashion, but this pair of glass can get you an opportunity to have romantic clothing styles. It looks good if you sport this glass with a girly dress and classis blazer. With this, you can create an unique chic style.

You must know that it is Ray Ban behind the creation of this unique glass style. This brand has given the fashionistas a reason to enhance their look and add a nonchalant attitude to their attires. 

Which face shape wayfarer suits best

If you have a bottom heavy face shape, then wayfarer can best suit you.  On the other hand, this glass looks best on face with round, triangular or square shape. With regard to this, if your forehead is wide, then choosing a trapezoidal frame will be a good option since it best emphasises your face shape. Choose Ray Ban glasses if you want to set your own style statement. You can find out a wide range of frame styles and glasses from this brand, therefore, it will be easier to select the best one as per your taste.

It is not that you have to choose wayfarer glasses based on face shape. You can make it work for you if you follow other ways of sporting this glass. You can opt for other details so that they will help you butter up your shape. For instance, the style, size of the brow bar, nose bridge and rim.

Trapezoidal and narrow is the classic shape of Wayfarer. However, you can find out a number of redesigns and frames of Wayfarer. Therefore, it makes easy for everyone to sport any shade of this glass.

Get the right size for your face shape

When you will select a pair of chic Wayfarer sunglasses, you must select the correct frame scale for the size of your face. Generally, Wayfarer uses to be narrow which best suits the narrow faces. You can also find wayfarer in bigger sizes that looks best on wide face.

How to team Wayfarer sunglasses with your wardrobe

There are a variety of colours and prints of Wayfarer sunglasses. Brown and black are the standard and they go well with all colour outfit combinations. If you want versatile and good look, then choose Ray Ban wayfarer glasses. You can get a killer look with this pair of sunglasses and add a dash of style to your outfit.


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