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Creating a Balance of Aesthetics and Functionality in the Living Room Décor

How do you create the right balance between aesthetics and functionality when designing the living room? Achieving your objective becomes even more difficult if you have small children at home. Here are a few tips that may help you design a living room that inspires you, impresses your guests and provides comfort and safety for your children.

Opt for furniture with smooth edges and rounded corners. When selecting the pieces of furniture for your living room, pay attention to the corners and edges. If you have little children at home, it is better to choose pieces that have smooth edges and rounded corners. For example, buy a soft, round ottoman instead of a coffee table with sharp corners.

Choose upholstered pieces to enhance comfort. The most convenient way to design a cosy living room is to opt for upholstered seating arrangements. Plush leather sofas, fabric covered chairs, and such other options add to the comfort of the room. Luxurious leather armchairs by the fireside make the style statement you desire for.  

Pick easy to clean materials. If you think that you have to stick to dark colours because they will not show the spills and stains, you are mistaken. Opt for materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Leather is a good choice. You may also opt for vinyl covered furniture pieces. Do buy slipcovers for your sofas to prevent staining of the surface.  

Select the right storage options. Focus on the overall impact of the living room design when choosing this. If it is a cheerful room with traditional furniture, you may place woven baskets in the room. The children will find it much easier to dump their toys in these baskets. However, if it is a modern room, you have to design drawers for this purpose.

Choose your colour palette with care. If you like a colour palette based on soft white and cream, you need not sacrifice it for the fear of stains. The solution is to opt for the right fabrics. However, a dash of a bright colour, like orange or yellow, in such a neutral shade may often works wonders.

Add cushions to the setup. Cushions on the sofas and chairs enhance the comfort factor of the seating area. Place cushions, in different colours and patterns, on the floor at strategic points. This will add to the aesthetics of the living room. This will also ensure that your kids have a soft surface to land on.

Get the right lights. To bring a little glitz to your living room, opt for a silver arc light on a high stand. Place it over the sofa or chair that works as the focal point of the room. You may also choose light sconces to bring attention to a particular feature of the room. This will remain away from the reach of the children, ensuring their safety.

Where do you find the right pieces of furniture and accessories for your living room? Whether you are looking for classics from designers like Knoll or the more affordable inspired designs, you may find online shopping to be a convenient option. You will be able to find the right pieces that correspond to your needs and budget from an online store.

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Rose Hamilton is the editor of an interior decor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions for choosing sofas, stools, tables and storage units for the living room. If you are looking for living room ottomans or dining chairs, she recommends visiting www.cadesign.ie for such products.


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