Creating a Green Bathroom


Authored by Jeremy Siek in Bathrooms, Environment
Published on 11-29-2008

You won’t even notice the change in your routine but these Green bathroom ideas are going to save water, energy and most important…save you money.

Nothing could be easier or more Green than turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth. Not only will you cut down on your water waste, but you will also save a lot of money on your water bill. You are supposed to brush at least 3 minutes, 3 times a day (yes, three times) and that adds up to a lot of water wasted. Get into the habit of turning the water off during your brushing and you will notice when you receive your next water bill. Those of you with families will see a substantial difference if you get your family to also save water while brushing.

Low flow shower heads are much better than they were 5 or 10 years ago. They now come in many styles and the water pressure is now comparable with regular flow shower heads. You can now pick up a decent low flow shower head for around $20 and you could see it pay for itself in the first month, depending how big your family is.

Is your toilet constantly running? You don’t even have to be flushing the toilet to have your money go down the drain, if you are hearing water always running in your toilet. You could be wasting gallons of water each day. Check the inside back of the toilet to make sure the arm and chain are adjusted correctly. If you don’t trust yourself to do it, have a friend work on it or hire a plumber. You will save more money in the long run and the plumbing bill will pay for itself.

Installing low flow toilets is a great way to have a much greener bathroom. If you are doing any major interior improvements, check with your local zoning laws. Some municipalities are requiring all new toilet installations be of the low flow variety.

Recycled toilet paper can be found for the same cost as regular toilet paper. It will be much kinder on the environment and will be no harsher on your wallet. The best place to look for it is at the health food stores. You might also start to find it at your big box stores.

Use eco-friendly cleaners in your bathroom. Not only can you find some that costs that same as your normal cleaners, but they will be much less harsh on your skin and lungs. Vinegar is a great, eco-friendly cleaner that you can use at home. Purchase it in bulk in order to save money.

When painting your bathroom, use paints that don’t emit toxic odors. These are now available at many of your large home supply stores. They only come in premixed colors, but the colors are all standard and are sure to fit in with your decor.

Creating a Green bathroom is very easy and doesn’t have to take a lot of energy on your part. Use some or all of these techniques to lessen your family’s carbon foot print.


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