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Creating Digital And Physical Info Products To Build Passive Income

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 10/18/2008
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Creating products that can be sold on the internet is a wonderful way to earn passive income and to build an online business that will bring you financial and time freedom. There are many types of products you can create, so I will share with you the most popular and easy ones that can be created in just a matter of hours. You will be amazed at how much money you will be able to make if you give this some thought and get going right away. The first product is an e-course. This is a series of lessons or modules that each describe a step in the process of what you are explaining to others. An e-course can be sold to people who visit your blog or website, or on a separate sales page. I like to deliver my e-courses over a period of time so that the people who purchase them can learn just a small part of it ever day or so. After the third lesson or module I will then give them a link to the entire e-course so they can download the entire program. This also cuts down on customer service issues.

Another product is a teleseminar series. You can give people the link to download each call individually, allowing them to listen to the teleseminars and your information as they have time. This is a proce

ss known as time shifting, where people learn at heir own pace. You can also have these calls transcribed, furthering the process of learning for those who are visual, rather than auditory learners. The third product is a workbook. Everyone seems to love the idea of a workbook, where they can fill in the answers as they move along in your course. You can include exercises and activities so that the student becomes more involved in the process. This is also very god for kinesthetic learners. You can also take these info products and turn them into physical products, giving them more value in the marketplace. People love to receive packages in the mail, and when your three ring binders, CD cases, and workbooks arrive, they will be judged by what is referred to as the ‘thud’ factor. This means that your clients will feel that they have received more value simply because the box that was delivered to their door weighs more, even though it is the exact same content as what they could have downloaded in digital form from your download page on the internet.

As you can see by now, there are many products that can be created quite easily and in a short period of time, both digital and physical. I encourage you to create info products to build your passive income stream on the internet.


Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit http://www.EbookWritingandMarketingSecrets.com to find out more.

by Connie Ragen Green



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