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Creating Effective Sales Letters That Help Make More Sales: The ABCs

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Copywriting

Whether you’ll be sending the letters to potential customers’ e-mails or will be sending them via snail mail, it is important for you to learn about creating effective sales letters to ensure that you’ll advertise your product in such a way that will really attract more people to buy or sign up. Below you’ll find not only one web marketing tip, but several tips that will enable you to make more sales with the use of this ‘tool’: sales-letter writing: 1. Learn to entice potential clients from the very start. Enticing people through your letters is a must. Even from the very beginning, the letters you come up with should immediately convince people to keep on reading what you have written. First and foremost, you should have a headline that is really attention-grabbing. All effective sales letters have catchy head lines. Remember that headlines are the very first things seen by your audience, thus, you should think of enticing ones if you really want to gain success whenever you advertise your product.

Another web marketing tip is to make use of keywords that are relevant to your actual niche. You see, people use keywords for searching for items, products, or information they want from the Web, thus, you’ll need to

rely on appropriate key words to make more sales online. It is important that you do some keyword research and make use of a main keyword and a couple of secondary key words that are related to your chosen niche or market for your letters to actually be considered effective sales letters. 2. Interact with your readers. Another thing you’ll have to remember when you advertise your product through sales copies or ads is to actually have some good interaction with the readers. A web marketing tip you should try is to include some questions in your copies that most people will answer ‘Yes’ to. This is so those targeted people will become interested in reading your ads until the very end aside from feeling that you are there as if ‘face to face’ with them. This technique will help you attract people to check out your services or products, which of course mean that you’ll have bigger chances to make more sales.

Other important components of effective sales letters that you have to include every time you advertise your product are: mention not only features, but also the benefits of what you’re offering; include some client testimonials, specifically positive ones; as much as possible, include a money back guarantee as well as some freebies or bonus stuff to better convince more people to try your service, or your product.



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