Creating Triathlon Training Plans

Not every athlete is able to compete in a triathlon. In fact, not every athlete would even want to participate in a race with three different sports. It takes quite a bit of endurance to participate in a triathlon considering you need to run, swim and cycle. You need to be in excellent shape to face such a challenging event.

There are different types of triathlon training plans. You can pay to join triathlon training programs that are lead by athletes, fitness trainers or often successful triathlon participants. These programs are designed for serious athletes who want to train for a potential win in an upcoming triathlon. These triathlon training programs are not for the weak at heart. You will spend hours during each training session running, cycling and swimming, not to mention taking part in cardiovascular fitness and weight/strength training.

Triathlon Training Plans are also available online. There are paid plans available with a guide to exercising and training for a triathlon. Many of these plans also include dietary tips to help you get into the best shape of your life. You will need to carefully follow the program that is outlined in the booklet, video or virtual training plan you receive.

There are also triathlon training planners online to help you with your own program. You can chart your progress as you train for the triathlon. Keep track of how far and how long you run, cycle or swim each day. Write down your times when you are timing sessions during your training periods. You will be able to identify the areas where you need improvement.

Of course, you can also create your own Triathlon Training Plan. You will need to ride your bicycle, swim and run in order to prepare for your triathlon. Of course, you will not need to do all three each day except for times when you are practicing the course or a course that is similar to the one on which you will be participating. You will also want to take part in all three events on days when you are trying to time yourself for the triathlon.

You will want to have strength throughout your body including both upper and lower body strength. For this reason you will want to do weight and strength training. This should be part of your triathlon training plan three or more times per week. Work on your upper body one day and lower body the next. Do not work all muscles at the same time.

You will need to build up your endurance Cover long distances when you run, swim or cycle. In fact, you should do distances that are even greater than the amounts you will be running, swimming and cycling at the triathlon. As you build up to the necessary distance, you will want to take your time. Do not increase your miles more than about 10% each week so that you do not create injury or two much strain on your muscles.

Slow down a bit the last week or two before your triathlon. You will want to stay in shape and stay active. However, you do not want to risk injury. And of course, you do not want to become too fatigued before a triathlon.


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