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Creative Article Writing For Maximum Effect

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 06/17/2009
  • Article Writing

The vast majority of writers that do utilize article directories do so for marketing purposes, and hence you would want to capture the readers attention to entice them to your site. Creative article writing is very similar to writing a short story, in that you have a very limited time, as well as limited space to capture the reader’s attention so that they may visit your website offer, or products and services. One of the main ideas here is that you do not try and sell anything to the reader within your article, but rather provide relevant content specific to what your potential or prospective customer is looking for. By using creative article writing, in the form of a short story type of article you may portray a real life experience, or existing problem that a potential customer may have or may experience and they will therefore be able to relate to the content, due to their own experiences. You may even employ a touch of humor to capture the reader’s attention, or even use a bit of creative embellishment, obviously within reason. You have to bear in mind that if the person is seeking a solution, by representing a far-fetched story you might lose the attention or respect of the reader, if your short story is not really that believable.

You may have current customers have experi

enced humorous situations, which they have relayed to you, which can be the source of inspiration for such creative article writing. In this situation you could depict yourself as being the person experiencing the situation, and recount the steps that were taken to remedy such a situation, and this would be in line with your products and or services, which in turn opens the door for potential sales to that reader. Real-life experiences are not always glamorous, but adding and taking away from such situations with a little artistic license, within reason will in all likelihood have the desired effect of your creative article writing purpose. This is where remaining as real as possible will create the credibility that needs to be established between you and your reader. And by addressing how the problem was solved, inadvertently with your products and or services, which is useful to create the situation leading up to the author’s bio, where the reader will have the opportunity to follow to your website or online ‘showroom.’

The objective of creative article writing is to ensure that you create a situation that entices the reader to remain all the way through the written material to the very end, essentially have to ask yourself the question of whether or not you are providing value to your reader, albeit in the form of a humorous anecdote or real-life rendition of one of your or someone else’s experiences.



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