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Creative Concepts for Composing a Christmas Poem

  • By Scott Lindsay
  • Published 10/26/2010
  • Poetry

Poetry conveys emotions with the skillful artistry of a word craftsman. This exact same skill may be used to encourage people concerning the genuine message of Christmas. Below are a few suggestions concerning how to write a Christmas poem. Concept One Religious poetry could be composed as a prayer. With this kind of poetry, do not be worried about rhyming. The important aspect is going to be stressing the importance of Christmas, Christ’s birth and how God became man to get rid of the bondage of sin. You should endeavor to write a prayer poem with a normal flow or cadence. At the end of this prayer, insert God’s plan about His gift of salvation offering a word of gratitude and then one can easily conclude it with, “Amen”. Concept Two Religious poems don’t have to be really serious and solemn. These can also be funny and lighthearted. This sort of task typically sounds better if composed with rhyming words and phrases. Pay close attention to the actual flow each line carries. Every single line needs to have the same amount of beats. The lines need to be approximately the very same length and also flow smoothly. One thing that causes a funny poem to stand out from other poems is that it includes the literary tool, irony. Irony tends to make the contrast between a real consequence of events and what the audience expects. Concept Three

Write a

ballad. Study the Bible and the particular incidences surrounding the birth of Jesus. Determine the component of Christmas or perhaps the style you want to use in the poem. Write a list of critical words and phrases you would like to make use of throughout the poem. Make use of a lot of action verbs as well as vivid description words and phrases in order to present the meaning. Many ballads are composed in ballad stanzas or quatrains. Typically, the second and fourth lines are rhymed. These contain couplets of rhymed verse, each one with just fourteen syllables. Be sure you tell a story in your ballad, using lots of imagery. Oftentimes ballads are repetitious with the third and fourth lines in the stanza repeating. Concept Four A traditional sonnet is perfect for conveying passion about a subject. The actual birth of Christ Jesus, His particular life in ministry, and also His adventure to the truly great passion can be beautifully shared using the poetic type of a sonnet. In such a form, sonnets are fourteen lines long. This gives a volta, or a transfer of sentimental thinking in the center of the particular poem. Sonnets possess a rhyming scheme within the quatrains (a b a b). The sonnet consistently comes to an end with a conclusion that declares the meaning of the poem. Conclusion

Finally, the belief of Christmas can be conveyed through the use of poems. There are various types of poetry. A few ideas to be used are prayers, wit, ballads, and also sonnets.



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