Creative Wall Decor Ideas

If you have walls that are plain and uninviting, add some creative wall décor to give your space some character. Just by adding a few pieces of décor to your walls, you can brighten up a room and show your personality. Use the following creative wall décor ideas to bring life to your lifeless walls.

Add Textures

Adding unique textures to your walls can make them stand out. While you don’t need to go all out and glue strange textures to the wall, you can pick out pieces of décor that contain neat textures. Wallpaper is another great way to add texture to your walls. New wallpaper can also adds loads of color to plain rooms.

If you just want to cover a wall with a piece of eye-catching texture, consider a beautiful quilt. Whether it be a family heirloom or just a quilt you love, hanging it on the wall can really liven up a room.


Many people prefer to decorate their wall space with their favorite artwork or pictures of loved ones. Both of these options are great choices of done properly. When hanging a collage of pictures, you want all of the pictures to be in the same type of frame. Black frames always look elegant and professional in a collage of photos. Also, you may want to consider hanging all black and white photos or all color photos.

When hanging your photos, you don’t want to place them all in a straight line or lines across the wall. Create a square or rectangle (depending on how many pictures you have to hang) and only place photos in the shape. Hanging pictures that way will still keep them in the same general area but the photos won’t look so boring in a straight line.

Theme Rooms

While some people like to add their favorite things in a room here and there, others like to follow a theme. If you decide to pick a theme for a room your decorating, you will need to get wallpaper, lighting fixtures, wall décor and objects for the room that fit the theme.

For example, if you are decorating a child’s room in a princess theme, you may want to add pink wallpaper with gold trimming. For creative wall décor ideas, adding things like a crown or large room décor stickers in the room will certainly bring out the theme.

Wall Lighting

Placing different types of lights in the room as wall décor can really brighten a room, literally. Glass or ceramic lamp shades over gold lights can give the room a more modern look. If you don’t want to go through with the electrical process of lights, just add brass or silver candlesticks on the wall.

Fabric lampshades are also a great option for adding color to a room. Instead of getting a basic white lampshade for your wall lighting, consider colors in pastel such as blue, red or green.


If you are looking for a way to spice up dull and boring wall space, consider some of these creative wall décor ideas. Just by adding a few of your favorite pieces to your wall and a splash of color from paint or wallpaper, your personality can be shown through your decorating skills.


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