Creative Writing Techniques

Creative writing involves more than just being a creative individual. You need to know the fundamentals for writing well. Creative writing can cause writer’s block more so than writing non-fictional materials. There are some techniques you can use to help you get the pen flowing on your paper.

If you are writing a creative story, you might start by just taking a few days to sit and write about anything that pops into your mind. Sit down at your computer or with your paper and pen and begin to write about anything, Do not worry if you are writing well or if the thoughts that come into your mind even tie together. After having a few writing sessions, look over what you have written to see if you can find any inspiration for a story. The thoughts you wrote down might be about events that happened to you that day, the weather outside, the show you watched on TV last night, or any number of topics.

You might, just might find something that you can write a story about.

Use your imagination to help you create story ideas. You can come up with inspiration from things that happen throughout your day. For example, if you saw an odd flash of light in the sky last night you could write down a few lines about what would happen if that flash of light was actually from a UFO. If you played the lottery last night and lost, you could write a story about what would have happened if you had won.

In some cases you might have ideas for characters in a story, without yet knowing the direction of the story. Write down a list of the characters for which you already have developed in your mind. Jot down details about each of these characters? Do they live in a house or apartment? In what country or state do they live? What is their personality? What are their talents? Are they a good character or the villain in the story? As you start to define your characters, the creative juices for the entire story might begin to flow in your mind.

Creative writing techniques can be as simple as using ideas from real life. You can base your fictional stories on events from your life, the lives of other people your know or stories you hear in the news. Of course, when writing about real people, respect their privacy and do not use their names or the real names of the areas where they live or work.

Use stories from real life to give you a starting point for your story. You would be surprised at the ideas you can come up with just by looking at your life and the world around you. For example, if you know someone who is a foster parent, you could create an inspirational story about a woman who changes the lives of disadvantaged children through her care as a foster mother. You can create characters that take some inspiration from the foster mother and her foster children. The story can grow as you create new stories and talk about children who grow up to be well adjusted and successful as adults.

You can use stories you hear in the news with sad endings and write your own happy ending. For example, if a factory in the neighboring town closes down and many people are out of work, you can write a story with a more cheerful ending. Create a story where the town rallies around the laid off employees to help them find employment and avoid financial ruin.

As a creative writer, you should always have a pen and paper on hand. You never know when or where you might receive inspiration for a new story or new characters. You do not want to risk forgetting your ideas by the time you go home to write them down or type them onto your computer. Always be looking for new stories.


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